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Dream of: 08 August 1986 (3) "Tact and Ease"

I was in an unfancy restaurant where four women (all in their early 20s) were sitting to my left. Steve Buckner (about 30 years old) was sitting to my right. We were all sitting at different tables. We were all brought some food. We were taking part in a contest dealing with the way one orders food. I was not exactly sure what the contest involved, but I knew other people had been in the contest before and that there was a actually a series of contests.

I thought I had been supposed to receive a small package of potato chips with my meal, but the chips had not come. I walked over to the counter and asked, "Could someone tell me who serves the potato chips?"

One girl said that she did. I asked, "May I have some?"

She handed me a small package and I returned to my table. I continued eating and talking to people. A girl sitting nearby knew me and came over to my table. I had mentioned to someone that I was going to go somewhere and she asked me where I was going. I told her I was going to Mexico and she asked me what I was going to do there. I said, "I'm going to write and make collages."

She thought that was fantastic. One of the girls on my left said she had seen my collages and that they were just beautiful. Steve said he had looked at my collages so much that they did not mean much to him anymore. He rather deprecated them. Someone then brought a note out to Steve from the kitchen. One side of the note was written in English and the other side was written in French. It said something about "you fucking crud."

I cleaned my table and wiped off the crumbs. I had several napkins and folded all of them in half. I left one lying in front of me and put the others in a jar. Then a note came out to me from the kitchen. Apparently, I had won the contest. The note said, "To Collier, the scholar who asked for it and handled it with tact and ease. From the gang at the waffle house."

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