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Dream of: 06 August 1986 (3) "Fall Into The Abyss"

I was climbing around the side of a hill on the Gallia County Farm with my step-grandfather Clarence and my grandmother Mabel. At first I thought Clarence had gone on to the top of the hill on a tractor, but then I saw that he was still with us.

We had come to a place on the extremely steep hill. It had actually turned into a cliff and we were preparing to cross a part of it which had a high drop-off. I had climbed along the area before and knew one needed to look for places to put his feet and look for rocks jutting out from the side of the cliff to hold on to as he moved along. The cliff had eroded away considerably so that it looked as if it would be extremely difficult and dangerous to negotiate.

I asked Clarence if there wasn't a better way to go around the hill. He said there was another place at the top of the hill where we could go around, but it would take much longer.

Mabel (probably in her late 50s) had black hair, was thin and seemed quite strong. She was dressed in a pair of dark pants and a dark shirt. She said she was going to go ahead and climb around the cliff. She began climbing, but suddenly slipped and began falling. I watched in horror as her body spread out and fell for about 15 into the abyss below. It was probably a drop of about 100 meters. Finally, with a thud, spread out flat on her face, she hit the ground. I looked at Clarence and said, "She's dead."

He was upset and said, "She's not dead. She's OK."

But I could tell from the way she had hit that she was obviously dead. Clarence began climbing around the side of the cliff. But I turned away and decided to go around the other way.

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