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Dream of: 06 August 1986 "Snake In The Drawer"

always try your best

to escape when attacked by

a venomous snake

I had stored a number of pictures in a drawer of a chest of drawers. The pictures were, in a way, representations of dreams I had had. I was in the process of preparing a book using the pictures. The book of pictures would be similar to the book of dreams which I was presently writing.

Although I was not actually looking into the drawer, I stuck my arm into the drawer all the way up to my shoulder. I felt around with my hand inside the drawer until I suddenly felt some movement. I immediately stopped moving my hand. I realized what I had felt was a snake slithering across my arm. I had known about the snake before but I had forgotten about it.

I was uncertain what I should do. I thought if I moved my arm the snake would probably strike. So I simply let my arm lie there until the snake had completely moved across my arm and I could no longer feel it. I knew the snake was still in the drawer but I thought now was my chance to jerk my hand out of the drawer as quickly as possible.

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