Dream of: 04 August 1986 (2) "Challenging The Law"

I was in a place where a gambling game was being played. People were pressing some colored keys, almost like the keys of a piano, and numbers were turning up. Two colored keys had to be pressed correctly to win some money.

I lay down beside the game, on the ground, and began playing. I was able to figure out the proper combinations of colors to press and won almost every time. I only won a dime each time, but I was still winning quite a bit of money.

A fellow who worked here told me I was playing the game illegally by using two different colors, and that if I didn't stop playing it that way, I might be arrested. I played the game a couple more times that way, but then I stopped.

Ron Cox (a former high school schoolmate), who looked as if he were in his late teens, walked into the room. Recalling who he was, I asked him if he had been playing the game. Although he said he hadn't, and that he had been doing something else, I still had the feeling he had been playing.

Vernon, dressed in a suit, walked in. He looked as if he were about 30 years old. Seeing how unhappy he looked, I had the feeling he and Louise weren't getting along well together. As I watched him walk into another room, I wondered if Louise was waiting for him outside in a car.

I was rather disheveled and my hair was long. I wondered what Vernon had thought about seeing me lying there. I didn't particularly care, but I probably hadn't made a very good impression.

I rose, walked down some stairs and went out onto the street. I walked a couple blocks, intending to head home. But I remembered that a bus went to my home and I decided to take it.

I was still thinking about the game and how I had been told I had been playing illegally. That should be challenged in the courts. I didn't think someone should be able to be arrested for playing the game that way. I might purposely try to be arrested and challenge it.

I was living about ten months of the year in France. I thought during the two months when I returned to the United States I would challenge the game.

It also occurred to me that people shouldn't be allowed to play bingo in the churches. If the churches were going to be gambling institutions, they should not receive tax advantages.

As I pondered, I found myself in a courtroom where a man was on trial for the same type of offense with which I had been threatened. The man had been arrested several times in the past and returned every year to try to re-challenge the law. The jurors were sitting where the audience usually sits. A woman prosecutor began asking some questions.

The man on trial worked in France. At first I thought he said he was a lawyer, but it turned out he was a janitor.

Two large books (each about a half a meter square) were brought out. The books contained drawings which the man had produced. He was asked how he had time to do any other work while he was doing those drawings. He said he did have time.

The prosecution seemed to be trying to say that the man wasn't merely gambling in order to challenge the laws, but that he actually needed money and was gambling to get it.

During a break, one woman juror spoke about something she thought pertained to the case. One time she had been out on a boat in a swamp and had run into some flesh floating in the water. I was unsure what that had to do with anything.

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