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Dream of: 02 August 1986 "French Countryside"

I awoke one morning and realized I had been traveling around France with Brian Morris (a Portsmouth acquaintance). We had originally gone to Paris, but Morris hadn't liked Paris so we had traveled into the country. Morris spoke fluent French and said he preferred the countryside. He said that all we could see in Paris was a bunch of seals, which was the word he used to describe the tourists there. I myself wasn't quite sure that was true.

When I awoke I found myself in a truck (similar to a large truck my step-grandfather Clarence and my grandmother Mabel owned). The gears on the truck reminded me of a large van I had once owned. We were parked near a roadside stand where some vegetables were being sold. A man came out of the house near the stand and said good morning to us. I thought he wanted me to buy something to eat, but I wasn't interested.

Morris spoke with someone nearby. Both Morris and the other fellow wore white clothing. Finally, Morris walked away and I waited quite a while for him to return; but finally I decided to leave. I began backing the truck up; but I found I was in a garden and I had some difficulty getting out. Some of the plants in the garden looked like tobacco plants. The rest of the garden was just full of weeds, so it didn't matter if I drove over it. Finally, I realized something was wrong with the truck.

Morris showed up again and told me that something was wrong with the brakes and that he could fix them. I asked him how much he would charge and he replied, "Twenty-two dollars."

I said, "That's too much. I'll pay you fifteen."

He said, "OK."

I stepped out of the truck and Morris crawled underneath to begin working on it.

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