Dream of: 01 August 1986 "Creer"

Something about a movie I was watching (similar to Star Wars) reminded me of a baseball game. The heroes of the movie were invading an underground fortification of Darth Vader. When the heroes reached the interior of the fortification, the robot R2 D2 was shot and knocked over. The robot C3P0 ran up and said, "You can't do that."

After C3P0 had caused some commotion and fallen, a battle ensued. Only about five combatants were on each side. During the battle Darth Vader apparently managed to escape. I was amazed that his fortification had been able to be invaded to begin with.

The heroes were trying to locate a piece of paper on which a word had been written which was a key to operating a large computer. Once the word was found, the heroes would be able to obtain reinforcements.

Suddenly, I also appeared to be one of the heroes in the battle. Noticing someone drop two pieces of paper covered with writing into a waste basket, I ran and grabbed the paper. The word for which we were looking was written somewhere on the paper in a different kind of writing than the other words. Although I had an idea what the word was, I wasn't completely sure. I thought it was "creer," but I was unsure whether it was spelled "creer" or "cree." I didn't know what language it was from.

Suddenly I was shot. As the others ran out I handed the paper to one of them and said the word was written on it somewhere amongst the other words. I said, "I don't know the word, but I do know it means 'to perfect'."

They ran off with the paper. But then I remembered the word didn't mean "to perfect" but "to believe." I hollered, "To believe, to believe."

I didn't think they heard me. Knowing that perhaps a hundred words were on the paper, I wondered how they would figure out which word was the right one. Perhaps they could somehow run the words through the computer. I imagined the heroes looking through all the words and I wondered what would lead them to the correct one. I knew they had heard me say the word meant "to perfect," but I didn't think they had heard me correct myself and say "to believe." I didn't know how that would affect their actions.

I lay on my back and knew I was going to die. I was completely rigid and looked with transfixed eyes out into space. I had reached a different plane of consciousness and felt very peaceful. It was as if my task had been accomplished and now I could rest.

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