Dream of: 29 July 1986 "So Perfect"

I had gone to the House in Patriot and found my grandmother Leacy there. She told me she would like to start raising frogs, but she didn't have anywhere to raise them. She knew a pond was on some nearby property where she could probably raise the frogs, but somebody would probably kill them there. She told me she would like to have a pond in her back yard. My sister was there and began digging a hole in the back yard. She made the hole about two meters in diameter and about a meter deep.

I decided to build a larger pond for Leacy and asked her to show me exactly where she would like for it to be. She pointed out a spot in front of the door to the garage which was behind the house.

I began digging with a shovel and thought I would pile up the dirt around the perimeter to make the pond even deeper. But when I first piled up the dirt I put it too close to the center and had to re-pile it. As I dug, I ran into a stratum of what appeared to be either dried up peas or berries. I reached another puzzling level where the dirt became very hard.

After I had dug for quite a while I decided I would like to go to Portsmouth, Ohio. I left Patriot, went to Portsmouth and decided to visit Steve Weinstein, who seemed to be living in the basement of the Grandview Avenue House. He was only there for a few minutes and then he left.

After he had gone I thought Weinstein usually had some pornographic magazines. He had been expecting me to visit and had probably put them away somewhere. I saw some bureaus where I thought he used to keep the magazines, opened one of the drawers and there found a couple of pornographic magazines and a large picture of what appeared to be a nude woman.

I picked up the magazines and began flipping through one of them. It was hard core pornography. The pictures didn't arouse me in any way and I actually thought they were disgusting. It surprised me that Weinstein was interested in stuff like that. I wondered if he ever masturbated while looking at that kind of trash. Finally, I put the magazines back.

I wanted to take a shower but wanted to do it in a new office building which had been built in downtown Portsmouth. I wanted to go to the eleventh floor of the building, take a shower and also do some work there. I also needed to take some papers to the eleventh floor of the building.

It was Sunday. I went to the building and needed to press some combination buttons to enter. I had to go through several doors and push the buttons each time. When I finally reached the last door I looked through a glass window and could see the combination I needed written on a wall inside the door. There were three two digit numbers. The middle two digit number was 26. However when I entered the combination I pressed 24 by mistake and had to repeat the combination. Some people inside could see me. I thought they might think I was trying to break in because I was taking so long.

But finally the door opened and I walked in. I went to the elevator, got on and it started up. I likewise needed to push numbers on the elevator to go to the eleventh floor, but before I could enter the right numbers the elevator reached the twelfth floor. I decided to get off on that floor and walk down to the eleventh. I knew where the stairway was and headed toward it.

I saw Eddie Davis (a former high school classmate) standing on the twelfth and said, "Eddie Davis."

He looked at me. He appeared just as he had looked in high school. I asked him what he was doing here. He told me he worked on the twelfth floor and that he lived on the tenth floor. I said, "I didn't even know they had apartments in this building."

He said they did. I wanted to ask him what kind of work he did. He was carrying some boxes and I thought he might just be some kind of delivery boy, although I doubted that. Another girl I had gone to high school with was sitting at a table. I couldn't remember her name.

I walked down to the eleventh floor and entered what appeared to be a large living room. Ben Head (a former high school schoolmate) was sitting there on a couch. I shook hands with a fellow who I thought was Joe Jones (another former high school schoolmate). I walked over to Ben Head and shook his hand. He spoke and I said, "I know it's Head, but I can't remember your first name. Is it Paul?"

He said his first name was Paul. He was a bartender. He told me when I had recently seen him in Portsmouth I had been discussing him with another person and had referred to him as "Pinhead." I couldn't believe I had actually called him that.

I mentioned to him that I had some clothes with me and planned to take a shower in the building.

I sat down and told Head I had seen Eddie Davis on another floor and asked him if he knew Davis. But he couldn't seem to remember him. I asked the other people there but no one seemed to know Davis.

I thought about asking Head about Marshall (a Portsmouth  attorney). I knew Marshall was a lawyer in Portsmouth and I thought it might be interesting to work part time with him.

About 10 people were in the room most of whom I had gone to high school with. But there were also three Japanese people in the room—two fellows and a woman. Everyone else appeared to be from Portsmouth. I commented, "I bet over 50 percent of the people in Portsmouth went to high school here."

The others in the room agreed with me. Someone put on music and about five people began dancing. One of the Japanese fellows was especially energetic. I thought I might also like to dance. But I still wanted to go downstairs and change clothes first.

I began thinking about how beautiful it was in Ohio. As I did, it seemed I was sitting next to a girl on the porch of a house on Sixth Street in Portsmouth. The sun was shining and the weather was beautiful. I said, "I can't help it. There's just something I like about Portsmouth—especially on beautiful days like this when everything is just so perfect."

It seemed so beautiful I even considered returning to live there.

I saw George Musser (a Portsmouth acquaintance) drive by. I waved at him but I was unsure he saw me. I thought perhaps I shouldn't acknowledge knowing him. I knew he had had some brain damage as a result of his having tried to commit suicide.

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