Dream of: 26 July 1986 (3) "Dangerous Water Falls"

Another fellow and I were in a state park. I went to the top of a large waterfalls, stood by its edge and watched an old man and an old woman walk up to the edge of the precipitous falls. The woman seemed to lose her balance for a moment and then stood back from the edge. It occurred to me how dangerously close she was to the edge of the waterfalls.

She moved close to the edge again. Finally she turned to leave, slipped and fell onto a large rock in the water. She held onto the rock as the water rushed over it. The water kept pushing her until she was finally pushed over the edge of the falls. I watched as her small-looking body was washed down the falls. I couldn't see where the falls actually hit the bottom, but she had obviously gone all the way down.

I had a difficult time believing what I had just seen. I told some other people about it. My companion and I then walked on. My companion said perhaps we should report the incident, but I thought it was useless because the woman was obviously dead.

Much later in the day I saw a park ranger and asked him about the incident. He informed me that the woman's body had been found and he nonchantantly talked about how the old woman's family had identified the body. He said he had had to call either two children or two step-children of the woman. They had come to him not knowing why he had called them. When they had entered the room he had told them that he had bad news for them. He then explained to them that the old woman had died.

I mentioned that it seemed rather dangerous near the falls and I asked him how many people died there each year. He said about one person a week died. I found that incredible. I mentioned that there were no safety signs; he didn't seem concerned about that.

I became very upset. The ranger simply didn't seem to care that so many people were dying. I told him they could at least put up some safety signs. My companion joined me in my complaint and we alternated in addressing the ranger.

The park was in general quite messy. Leaves were all over the place. I was eating an ice cream cone, threw it down on the ground and screamed about how dirty the place was. I was most concerned about there being no caution signs. I began screaming that about 50 people were dying.

I walked away and joined some other people. From where we were we could see the falls from a different angle from which they didn't appear to be so large seven or eight meters tall. From this angle it seemed that perhaps someone could have survived the fall.

Meisel (a female friend of my mother) was in the group and she told me a radio show was on right now discussing the state parks. The name of the show was "Talk." She had called in to the show and was waiting to be put on the air. She was going to let me do the talking if we could get on. I sat down at a kitchen table and waited for someone to come on the telephone. Meisel said the person who conducted the talk show was named Nelson. I asked her if that was his first or his last name, but she didn't know.

Meisel mentioned that she thought he had been saved. I thought, "Well just because a person had been saved, that does not mean they're really saved. Maybe some people believe that, but I certainly don't."

I was going to tell whoever came on the phone that I was in a state park and had just seen a woman die that day.

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