Dream of: 26 July 1986 "Late Tax Returns"

I was with a group of people, among whom was a brother of mine about my age. We were arguing about something. Finally I walked over to Geary (a former high school classmate who became a lawyer), who was in the group, and I spoke with him. He was talking about income taxes. I admitted to him that I hadn't paid my income taxes for two years. I was becoming a bit concerned about that and I knew I needed to file the tax returns. I was worried it might even become a criminal offense.

Geary told me not to worry about it because he had an even worse problems. He had filed tax returns and had given the wrong figures. His sister was trying to get the tax returns back for him. He said he was going to be able to get his returns back and that I should be in even better shape than he.

Ramey walked up and I admitted to him I hadn't paid my taxes in two years. He shook his head and looked astonished

I began to wonder what I was going to do. I knew I needed to go ahead and file the income tax returns immediately.

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