Dream of: 24 July 1986 "Ball Of Band-Aids"

As I was traveling around, I met a woman in New York City. She was slender (probably in her early 20s) and had long brown hair. After I had known her a short time we went to her house one night. We entered the bedroom, took off our clothes and climbed into bed together. I was unsure, but I thought I should probably have sex with her.

She stood up on her feet on the bed in front of me. Sitting up, I pulled her close to me so that her stomach was close to my face. As I kissed her between her navel and her pubic region, I felt a tremor pass through her body.

I pulled her down and she sat on top of me, her pubic region touching mine. When she bent back so her head was close to my feet, I put my legs over her chest, while her pubic region still remained next to my penis. When I bent my penis and put it inside her vagina, she protested and said she wanted to play around more. My penis came out after 10-15 seconds and I reinserted it, but the second time my penis likewise only stayed in for 10-15 seconds because she didn't want to begin having intercourse yet. Apparently, she wanted to wait and she didn't want to finish quickly. I was unconcerned about finishing quickly and I felt confident we could have sex for a long time.

What did concern me was the possibility that she might have often been having sex and that she might have a venereal disease. She seemed like a clean person, however, and I thought she might even be a virgin. I had noticed when I had been inserting my penis that her vagina appeared clean and white with no sign of infection. I figured I was probably pretty safe with her.

Suddenly, the phone rang. It was about three or four in the morning and I told the woman she had better answer the phone. She stood up, went into the next room, sat down naked on a chair and answered the phone. I followed her. She complained to the person on the phone that it was 1:30 a.m., even though the clock on the wall clearly said 3 o'clock. Another clock was sitting by the phone, but I didn't know whether she saw it. I held up three fingers to indicate that it was 3 o'clock in the morning.

As I walked away from her, I thought I heard her say "Ellen" and I thought perhaps Ellen had been the person on the phone calling to talk with me for some reason.

I walked into the toilet. I was wearing a pair of black shorts. Apparently, I had only pulled down the shorts when I had been in bed with the woman. I pulled the shorts down, looked at my penis and saw a small beige Band-Aid on my penis. When I noticed several other beige Band-Aids on my penis, I began jerking them off. I hoped the woman hadn't noticed them. I thought she might get the wrong idea and think I had a disease which I was trying to hide.

I really didn't know why the Band-Aids were there. I thought perhaps one was covering a small cut from when I had had a vasectomy, but the other Band-Aids were apparently covering some kind of injuries.

I continued pulling off the Band-Aids until I must have taken off 25 of them. I stuck them together until they formed a ball, but then I didn't know what to do with them. Finally, I saw a cabinet with a high shelf on it and I threw the ball of Band-Aids onto the shelf, but they bounced back out. I stood up on the side of the bathtub and placed the Band-Aids back in the corner of the high shelf where I thought the woman wouldn't find them. I realized I had pulled out some of my pubic hairs with the Band-Aids when I had pulled them off and the hairs were still stuck to the Band-Aids, but I thought even if the woman did find the Band-Aids some day, she wouldn't know to whom they had belonged.

I walked back out of the toilet. I had had an erection the entire time I had been with the woman, but now my erection had disappeared and I wasn't even sure I wanted to have sex with her anymore. I walked into the bedroom where the woman was waiting for me. She said the phone call had been a wrong number. I thought a kid had probably been playing games with us.

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