Dream of: 23 July 1986 (3) "Dew"

Steve Weinstein (my good friend during my first couple years of college) and I were in some kind of schoolroom sitting across from each other at the end of a long table. Nothing was to my left, but some other people were seated to my right. I picked up a notebook which Steve had with him and I began looking through it. The notebook contained 20-25 pages of plain white paper. On the first page, written in large letters in blue crayon, was what appeared to be part of the novel on which I knew Steve was working. The title of the novel had two words, one of which was "Dew."

I wondered if I should be reading his novel. I didn't know how much work that one page represented whether it was one day's work, a week's work or what. I thought it might be interesting to read, even though I had the feeling Steve hadn't been working on it much. I leafed through the pages and saw some pages partially written in crayon. There was probably only a total of about three pages of writing in the notebook.

Toward the back I discovered some pages with drawings. One was quite well down and reminded me much of Pablo Picasso's work. It depicted a standing person wearing a long coat, which was probably 10 times as long as the person and which flowed down in front of the person. It had been drawn either in sharp pencil or ink. It somewhat reminded me of a collage because it consisted of many different blocks of color carefully arranged together. I said, "I really like that one."

Steve showed me another drawing on another page which was similar to the first one but which had been done with even more detail. When he asked me if I liked that, I replied, "Yea, I like both of them equally well."

I looked at another page and saw a sketch of the face of a bearded man lying in repose. I thought it might be a picture of a death mask. On the opposite page was the same picture (very well-done) drawn in detail. I said, "That's interesting because I was thinking of doing a collage similar to that. But I would use different size pieces of paper for the faces."

I held my fingers together to form a square of about a centimeter and said, "I've been making collages with real little tiny pieces and using them for the face."

Steve said, "Listen, mother, I've been doing 455,000 of these a year."

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