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Dream of: 21 July 1986 "Escape From Afghanistan"

I was working on a gigantic collage, one small part of which had as a theme the escape of an Afghan family from Afghanistan. As I was pasting the pictures onto the collage it began to seem as if I were watching a movie of the escape.

The family consisted of a man, his son and his black-haired daughter (probably in her early 20s). They were carrying some baggage down a street when a car suddenly pulled up. Some people began climbing into the car and the Afghan man and his son, although they didn't know the driver, followed, putting their baggage into the car with them. The daughter had momentarily stepped over to the side and before she could reach the car it pulled away.

The man and son began hollering at the driver to stop the car, but the car didn't stop and continued up the road. The daughter returned to the road, saw the car pulling away and heard the screams of her father and brother in the car. As the car traveled up the road, a man (not the Afghan father or son), fell out of the rear left door of the car.

The daughter, wearing a long white coat, ran after the car. The car reached the top of a hill and disappeared over the other side. The daughter continued walking up the hill as night began to descend. Large buildings loomed around her. What thoughts must be going through the girl's mind. It appeared as if her father and brother had unwillingly left her behind and now she must fend for herself to try to escape the country. I thought she might ought to try to hide under a tree until morning.

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