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Dream of: 20 July 1986 "Art Museum"

I was in an art museum which had high ceilings, long halls and white walls. I came upon a piece of sculpture which appeared to be little more than a number of objects sitting together. There were some wooden chairs, a wooden table, some objects made of twisted wires, and some pottery.

Up walked an artist (probably in his late 20s) who was apparently the author of the work. This was apparently the first work of art he had ever exhibited. I spoke with the artist and asked if he were going to take the sculpture home after the exhibit was over. He said if he took it home, he would never be able to rearrange it again like it was here.

The table and the chairs had a dull look as if they had been newly made from wood and hadn't had much finishing put on them. I decided to polish the table; I sat down with some polish and began applying it to the table. The artist said coats of lacquer weren't necessary on works like this. Nevertheless I continued applying the polish to the table.

A large banquet was soon going to be held in one part of the museum and the artist was going to go to it. I, however, wasn't going. The artist left and went to the banquet.

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