Dream of: 19 July 1986 (2) "Excursion To Greece"

I was in a large European city and saw where some excursion trips were being offered to Greece for $400. I decided to take one of the trips and I got into a line in what appeared to be a hotel to buy a ticket. After I had waited a long time I reached a woman sitting at a table and bought a ticket from her. She told me I would be taking a train part of the way. The train ride to the airport would take about an hour.

She told me I would need to take a chair along to sit on on both the train and the airplane. She showed me some wooden, fold-up chairs. I took one of the chairs and began walking around with it. The excursion wasn't scheduled to begin for several more hours and I thought there must be somewhere I could leave the chair in the meantime. I returned to the place where I had originally picked up the chair. A line of people buying tickets was still there. I saw a couple guys my age standing in line and I started talking with them. They agreed with me that we needed to find a place to leave our chairs until we were ready to go. I reached the woman who had sold me my ticket and asked her if there was somewhere I could leave the chair. She pointed to a room in the back of the building.

I walked back there with the chair. Another young couple heard me talking to the woman and likewise walked back to the room with their chairs. The two fellows I had been talking to in the line also walked back to the room with me. In the room I thought, "Why didn't they just tell us to begin with that we could leave our chairs here instead of having us all take our chairs and carry them around all over the place."

Actually in a way in was comical. One could always tell who was going on the excursion by the fact that he would be carrying the fold-up chairs around.

In the room I found a stack of chairs which rose to my chest and I put my chair on the stack. My chair had a number 365A and I wrote it down so I would know which chair was mine. I also noticed that the chair didn't really have a back just a thin board across the top of it. 

About 50-60 chairs were already set up in the room and about 15-20 people were sitting in some of them. I sat down in one chair and I spoke with someone. I said, "This must be where it happens. This is the sall d'attendre."

The fellow sitting next to me said, "Contrare."

He seemed to think I was wrong.

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