Dream of: 19 July 1986 "Harper's Third Star"

I was walking up some circular steps to the library of the Baylor Law School when I encountered professor Newton, who was standing on the right side of the steps with his arm stretching clear across to the railing on the other side. I ducked under his arm, said something to him and walked on. He asked, "Well have you learned how to walk to class yet?"

Apparently, he didn't know I had already graduated from law school. I replied, "I've been out of class so long it's not even funny. Yea, I've been working in Waco and Dallas."

He asked me if I could find something for him. He wanted to know if I had a book called Harper's Third Star. I was unsure what book that was. I replied, "I don't have it myself, but I could find it for you."

Apparently, he wanted me to do some legal research in the book and look up an address for him. I didn't want him to think I couldn't do legal research anymore simply because I wasn't now practicing law; I told him I would do it for him. I wanted him to think I was still working in a law office and all I had to do was go to my law office library to find the book. I wrote down the name of the book and said, "Well I'll let you know one way or the other."

He said, "OK."

I walked into the library. I gathered together some books; I accumulated so many that when I held them in my hands they came up to my chin. As I carried the books around, I was surprised by how many attractive women were studying in the library. I walked around until I found a table, went up to it and dumped all the books onto the floor at once. They made quite a loud noise; people looked around at me. I shouldn't have dropped the books like that; I might possibly have damaged some. But it was too late.

I sat down at a table where some other people were already sitting. Two girls were sitting on the other side; I asked them if someone was sitting where I had sat down. They said that somebody indeed was sitting there; they pointed to a girl and said, "That's her over there."

Although an open book was lying in front of me, the girl was apparently no longer sitting in this seat. I pushed her book to the side and said, "Well, is she sitting in two seats? Well, will she mind? She won't mind."

I was surprised to see Mancusco (a female law student) sitting to my right. I asked her how she was doing and she replied, "Just fine."

I said, "I'm surprised to see there's anybody here I still know."

I was unsure what she was doing here because I remembered that she had been practicing law in Dallas. Perhaps she still needed to take some more subjects.

I hadn't done any legal research in quite a long while and wanted to look up a number of things. I began looking at all the books I had brought; I was unsure why I had brought so many. I probably should have only brought one.

I pulled out one tiny book only about a centimeter by a centimeter in size. It was by the writer Pliny and was written in Latin. I looked through it and thought, "And I'm even going to be reading Latin when I read this stuff."

I laid the book back down, looked at Mancusco and jokingly said, "Well what's s new."

I said it as if to say, "Now that I've got all these books I'm just going to sit here and talk with you."

I had a terrible taste in my mouth; I noticed that Mancusco had just eaten a piece of gum. I told her I had just been eating some onions and asked her if she had any more gum. She pulled out a piece of gum which looked like Dentine and handed it to me.

I picked up a book and began reading.

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