Dream of: 14 July 1986 "Profusion Of Animals"

I was watching what appeared to be a documentary program about a man (probably in his early 40s) who was apparently working for some kind of society, perhaps National Geographic. The man, while working in a laboratory, had been studying a small sea shell which was black, brown and white. He had just that moment pinpointed the only place in the entire world where that particular type of sea shell could be found a remote area near the shores of an ocean. Another scientist in the room said, "Well, can you leave tomorrow?"

The man replied, "Sure."

I thought how nice it must be to be able to immediately leave on long journeys like that to go looking for sea shells. The next day the man left and flew thousands of miles. When he landed he had to travel overland for four days by car until he reached the shore of the ocean, where it seemed as if I myself, instead of he, was present.

A large, red-brick building was next to the shore and actually overhung the ocean, but there was no beach -- only a high cliff from the top of which I looked straight down into the water. In the distance were two military boats, apparently there to protect against poachers.

More shells were in this particular area than anywhere else in the world. I decided to look for the shell in question myself, but it was dangerous there and I needed to be careful. I climbed down the cliff to the water's edge, where on the shore I found some mounds of sand which appeared to be full of little rocks which looked like shells.

I saw one beautiful rock in the sand and pulled it out. It appeared to be black and white marble consisting of many tiny rocks all fused together. It seemed to have been hollowed out and perhaps one time to have served as an ancient Indian cup. I saw another similar rock.

Hundreds of pretty rocks were in the sand. I wanted to take the first one I had found with me but I didn't know whether I should. The beautiful rock slipped out of my hand and fell into the water. The water wasn't deep, but so many other rocks were in the water I couldn't see the one I had dropped.

I thought I saw a frog in the water. Plus I thought I saw some other type of fish which looked as if might be dangerous and might bite me if I were to go into the water.

Since the entire area began looking more dangerous I thought I should probably leave and I began climbing back up the cliff. A brown furry animal which was long and slender ran down the side of the bank past me. I thought it might be a mink and perhaps dangerous.

I looked back at the water's edge and saw a starfish and a lizard. There must be a profusion of animals around this area.

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