Dream of: 13 July 1986 "Golden Spider"

reality encompasses everything, even unreality

I was in Portsmouth talking with Roger Anderson (with whom I went to high school) about Steve Buckner (with whom I also attended high school). Roger told me that Steve had apparently taken some vows, had stopped drinking alcohol, and had reformed immensely. I was surprised. The vows sounded similar to ones I had taken.

I thought that Steve was working on a master's degree in sociology, but that he still needed to write a thesis which he had begun but had never completed. Roger said Steve planned to get a job and we agreed that he could probably work for the government, perhaps doing some kind of family planning, planning county roads or something of that sort. We hoped Steve would not simply start doing odd jobs around town.

My mother and I went to visit Steve at his parents house on Sherman Avenue in Portsmouth. Steve's father, Jim Buckner, was there and while Mr. Buckner led my mother out into the yard where she began gathering some pink roses, Steve and I sat down in the front room.

 Steve told me that he was going to be raising some kind of bug which resembled a golden spider (although the bug was not a spider) and that the bug was supposed to weave a golden thread.

I did not know what to think. After he left me alone in the room, I lay down on a bed and as I looked up, I saw a golden bug above me on the wall. It was about two centimeters long, appeared to be artificial, and had an attached little light which blinked on and off. It had a long body with several legs sticking out on both sides.

As the bug began moving out from the wall, it created a rigid, golden stick much the way a spider creates a web.

In this case, however, the stick was solid and appeared to be gold. The bug continued creating the stick until it reached the opposite wall, where it attached onto the wall. As the bug had continued across the room, it seemed to grow smaller while the stick had grown progressively larger in diameter. The golden stick also seemed to have joints, like a piece of bamboo.

I was spellbound. The stick appeared to be pure gold. I thought about reaching up to touch it, but as I watched the stick, it began expanding in diameter. Its color changed so that it looked turquoise in places. Finally, on the far end, the stick appeared to be growing into a large porcelain lamp still parallel to the floor and which connected to the wall at the base and to the rest of the stick at the top. To have an actual lamp, the bottom part of the lamp apparently would have to broken from the wall and the top of the lamp would have to be broken from the rest of the stick. The lamp—about a meter long—throbbed as it grew.

The lamp displayed quite an artistic design and I was amazed to think the bug had somehow created a design on the lamp. Eagles appeared on the design. Upon closer scrutiny, I also discovered pictures of Donald Duck, Daffy Duck, and Goofy at a picnic scene.

I could not understand how an animal, such as that bug, could have acquired the information to make such a design, but apparently the bug knew something about humans.

I rose and walked into the next room looking for Steve so I could tell him what had been happening. After I saw Steve's sister Jennie, I found Steve and told him about the bug. I took him back into the room and I asked him if he had ever seen such a thing as the creation of the lamp happen before. He said he had seen it happen a number of times.

He walked over to the lamp and looked at the design. Apparently, the designs were always different and he wanted to see what kind of design that lamp had. After he saw the design he turned around and walked out of the room. I then noticed another bug on the wall. It looked like the first one except it had a pink light on it.

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