Dream of: 12 July 1986 (2) "Unwinding Snake"

I was on the Gallia County Farm walking up the hill toward my Cabin. I had recently been talking with a barefoot person about the matter of wearing shoes. Before starting up the hill toward my Cabin I had expressly put on a pair of shoes, especially since I thought snakes might be in the area.

As I walked along I saw my blue cover lying in the middle of the path. Something moved under the cover and I saw part of a very large snake. The part I saw was probably six centimeters in diameter. It appeared to be coming out from under the cover.

I suddenly tripped and fell next to the cover. I lay terrified next to the blanket as the snake began unwinding out from under it. I was just about to reach out and grab the snake. But I thought if I grabbed it then it probably would strike. So I simply lay there watching it unwind.

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