Dream of: 11 July 1986 (3) "Unoccupied Desk"

About 10 a.m. I awoke and found myself sitting in a law office in Portsmouth. The office was located in one of the upper stories of a downtown bank building. I was in the office by myself, although other people and lawyers were in offices around mine.

I began getting dressed and looked for a pair of black shoes which I thought I had there. I found several black shoes but needed some time to find two shoes which matched. I put on two shirts, one over top the other. I thought I might put on one of my older suits today I wanted to buy some new suits as soon as possible.

I sat down and began thinking it might be time for me to begin practicing law again. I finally decided to do exactly that.

My father walked into the room and sat down. His hair was gray and he was quite overweight. I told him of my decision. He was happy and said, "Well if you're going to do it, you'll be one of the best ones."

He said I would be better than most lawyers he knew. He mentioned one lawyer's name, however, and said I might not be quite as good as he.

I felt rather dirty and wanted to get out of the office. I decided I wanted to go and buy a couple new suits. I had two cars a large dark blue car and a second smaller car which I had recently bought.

A woman (about 25 years old) walked into the room and spoke with my father. I continued getting ready. I wanted to get out of there before anyone saw me in my present dirty, disheveled condition wearing these old clothes.

Babcock (a former high school classmate) walked into the room, put his arm around the woman and began whispering something into her ear. I thought he was asking the woman out, even though I knew he was married. I didn't want to talk to Babcock, but when I overheard him say something about a lawyer's having bought a new car, I mentioned to him that I had two new cars and that owning the cars was one of the reasons compelling me to go back to work.

I heard my father say that I had gone to law school and then had quit practicing law. He said my quitting the practice didn't make any sense. He thought perhaps I was now coming back to my senses. He spoke to me and talking about the kind of work I could do, said, "There's divorce."

I said, "Yea I know. I know how to do all of that."

He wondered how much I was going to charge. I told him I certainly wouldn't be cheap.

I still had quite a bit of money which I could use to get established. I thought of all the things I would need to do to get underway, such as buying new clothes.

I picked up a couple newspapers lying there and told my father I would probably be back in about an hour. I asked him where he would be and he said he would probably be in his office. Ready to leave, I said, "Well I'll probably come back here in about an hour."

I walked out into the hall and noticed on the door to my office the name of Sullivan (a Dallas attorney). Apparently he also worked there. I headed toward the elevator, but it was packed with people and I didn't want to get on with them. I was on about the eighth floor. I walked over to the stairs and began running down them. I listened to my feet as they hit the stairs. Although the stairs were carpeted, they still made a musical sound as my shoes hit them. I enjoyed listening to the music as I raced down the stairs.

I began thinking I could still learn French while working there. I might have to hire a French teacher and pay her $20 an hour, but it would be worth it. I would be able to afford it.

As I passed the various floors on my way down I saw many different women working in various offices. Now that I was going to be a lawyer again I would be able to have all the women I wanted. The women would begin flocking around again. More women were in Portsmouth than I had probably originally realized. I could probably immediately meet some right there in that very building.

Finally I reached the ground floor and needed to go through a door and past an office on my left. The office belonged to the vice president of the bank. I looked through the glass door as I passed and wondered who actually was the vice president of the bank there. Some writing was on the door but I didn't read it. The office wasn't extremely large and contained a large brown desk which was unoccupied at the moment.

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