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Dream of: 11 July 1986 (2) "Business Partnership"

I was living in a large dilapidated two-story house in Portsmouth which I had bought when I had been buying houses in partnership with Vaughn and Lynn (a Waco attorney). Lynn walked in and asked me if we could talk about our partnership. I pulled up a chair and asked him to sit down. He did so. I told him I knew I owed them some money. I had in mind beginning to pay him and Vaughn, beginning July 1, 1986, $50 every month. I wasn't in a position to pay more than that at the moment because I wasn't presently working.

I knew we still had one house in Greenville, Texas which we hadn't yet sold and on which we were going to lose money. He understood that. He hadn't seen the house in Greenville, but he said that some vandals had apparently gotten into the house and had damaged it. Somebody had looked at the house for him and reported that because it was in a bad section of town it was going to be difficult to sell. I couldn't deny that. Lynn seemed disappointed that I hadn't sold the house and settled up everything before I had left Texas. I understood how he felt but I knew that couldn't be helped at this point.

I told him my $50 a month would have to suffice for the present. I asked him if that would be all right. I pulled out my checkbook and handed Lynn two twenties and a ten. He quickly grabbed the money.

Lynn had also been trying to sell the house I was living in here. I asked him if he had had any offers and he replied that he hadn't yet had any. A black man walked into the room and said he had been responsible for selling a house we had had in Midland, Texas.

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