Dream of: 10 July 1986 (2) "Stolen Computer"

I was returning to the Apartment on Rue St. Jean in Quebec City when I met another tenant in the building named Bernhardt. He was standing in the doorway of his apartment on the second floor and was obviously quite intoxicated. He wanted to know about the empty apartment next door to my apartment on the fourth floor. He asked, "Es que quelqu'un vive dans l'apartement a cote de toi?"

I answered, "No."

He said, "Je crois que je vais vivre la."

I said, "Toi?"

He answered, "Oui, moi."

I said, "Mais je ne crois pas que nous pouvons ainsi pour quoi ton radio est trop bruyant et je ne peux pas dormir, penser ou faire rien."

He quietly laughed. He was standing right in my face and I could see that some of his teeth were missing. He looked quite obnoxious. I thought if he moved up beside me I would have to move elsewhere. I might even rent a room across the hall from mine, perhaps for $50, to keep Bernhardt from moving into the entire apartment next to mine. There was no way I would be able to stay if he lived next to me.

I didn't trust Bernhardt and I was worried about his wanting to move in next to me. I broke away from him and started down the stairs. I noticed some fellow standing in the stairwell pouring out some alcohol on the floor. I was only wearing a pair of shorts. I turned around and thought I felt something wet on the back of my leg. I wondered if the fellow pouring out the alcohol had spilt some on me.

I decided I should go upstairs and check my apartment. I raced up the stairs to the fourth floor. I saw that my door was standing ajar and I pushed it open. As soon as I walked into the front room I saw that my stereo was missing. I said to myself, "They got it."

I walked into the second room and saw that my computer was gone. I said, "They got it too."

I was completely devastated. I had only been gone a short while and someone had been able to enter my apartment so quickly and steal everything.

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