It could be said that Oedipus did not have a weak will and that nothing he could have done could have prevented his pre-ordained destiny of having sex with his mother, just as it could be said that I did not have a weak will and nothing I could have done could have prevented my dream self from having sex with my dream mother.

Dream of: 05 July 1986 "Losing My Will"

While I was in the basement of my mother's 29th Street House and was watching a Spanish television program (part of which also appeared to be in French), my mother and my sister descended into the basement. Apparently intending to sleep in the basement, they both climbed into bed. I half-way felt as if I would like to crawl into bed with my mother, but I didn't think I should do so because my sister was present.

I walked over to a basement door which led outside and I began demonstrating to my mother that by merely pushing the door open, someone could enter the basement while my mother and my sister were sleeping . Since my mother and my sister acted as if they would like for me to fix the door, I thought I would probably do so the following day.

I walked back upstairs and looked for a television, but I couldn't seem to find one. My mother also walked back upstairs and then she walked into the bathroom. When she came back out of the bathroom, she was wearing a short white dress. She had black hair and looked as if she were in her early 30s. I asked, "Where are you going?"

She answered, "I'm going to the cafe. Why, do you want to go?"

I replied, "No."

I stood up, walked over to her and said, "Well, you look awful nice."

I remembered having had sex with her several times in the past. I didn't know whether she would like to have sex again, but I put my arms around her, pulled up her dress and began feeling her behind. When she raised her leg so that my penis was against her leg, I pressed against her. Immediately extremely aroused, I said, "I could come in a second."

She wrapped her arms around me and pulled me tight to her. I wanted to break away because I could feel I was close to an orgasm. I said, "Wait. Wait. No. Stop. Stop, mom."

I felt I was about to climax. Suddenly losing my will to stop myself, I climaxed.

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