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Dream of: 03 July 1986 (2) "Peterson Street"

I was in Portsmouth playing a game with some other people in which we were going around to different peoples houses carrying some toy guns with us. The guns shot small, light pellets which didn't hurt. When we would arrive, with our toy guns we would force the people in the house (who were usually also playing the game) to do some exercises, such as sit-ups. Some people whose homes we went to weren't completely aware of the game, but they played along and did the exercises anyway when we pointed the guns at them.

I showed up at one house, pointed the gun at the fellow there and demanded that he do some exercises. He didn't know the gun was a play one and he did all the exercises. I left his house and walked around. Not long thereafter I saw the same fellow out on the street. I had the impression he had figured out that I had had a play gun and now he himself had a toy gun and was going around making people do exercises.

I was on Jackson Street and ran to the far east end of that street. I was wearing running shorts. I realized I was getting quite a bit of exercise myself by running around like I was. I finally came to a street called Peterson Street. The word "Peterson" seemed to mean something to me because the word "peter" was in it. It somehow seemed like an appropriate street to turn around and I did so.

Finally, I saw a small portico with some chairs on it and sat down. A number of other people were also there. Some fellow walked up, pointed a gun at me and demanded that I do some exercises. I laughed at him and said, "You know what would happen if you shot me with that gun."

I knew it would be an assault if he actually shot me with one of the pellets and that he couldn't force me to do the exercises. Finally, he sat down. I pulled out my gun and began looking at it. My gun was designed so that a pellet would be put on a long rod and when the gun was fired both the rod and the pellet came out the barrel. The rod would drop away and the pellet would continue on.

I decided to test it out. The ceiling of the portico was a drop ceiling with light-weight Styrofoam material in it. I aimed my gun at the ceiling and fired. The impact on the ceiling was actually quite hard—like a BB—and knocked the strip of ceiling it hit out of place.

Another fellow showed me his gun and said it was designed with a string on the bullet so he could pull the bullet back. He aimed his gun at the ceiling panel I had knocked out of place and fired. His bullet went through the ceiling panel and he began pulling the string with the intention of pulling the ceiling panel back into place. But he pulled the ceiling panel too hard and it fell to the ground.

I thought what he had done was hilarious and I burst out laughing. Some other people also began laughing. I recognized two of the fellows here as people I used to know. They likewise were laughing.

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