Dream of: 03 July 1986 "Accidents And Injuries"

I was in Portsmouth and with some other people boarded a large car which belonged to me. I decided to let someone else drive and a fellow (about 20 years old) scooted into the front seat behind the steering wheel. My black-haired wife also got into the front seat and a thin little black-haired girl (about 6 years old) sat between my wife and the driver.

I got into the middle of the back seat and a woman sat on each side of me. The woman sitting on my right (probably in her mid 50s) was slightly overweight. The woman on my left (probably in her early 30s) was shapely with large breasts. In all six people were in the car.

I couldn't remember the name of the driver. At first I thought his name was Fred, but then decided it was Glen. He began driving us around on Coles Boulevard and was doing a good job. I wanted to praise his driving and was glad he was driving because I simply didn't want to right now.

I was becoming more and more interested in the woman on my left whom I found attractive. I managed somehow to reach my right hand around her and began squeezing her right breast. She said, "Steve!"

I stopped and hoped no one else had seen me. It looked as if no one had noticed. I could tell the woman wanted to continue but she didn't want to do it in front of everyone there.

We stopped and the woman on my right got out. When she did so, she kissed me on the lips. She obviously also had been interested in me, but she was much too old for me.

I put my arm around the woman on my left and kissed her on the lips. I thought I might have gotten some lipstick on my lips because I could taste it. I began to worry that my wife might latter kiss me, taste the lipstick and wonder where it had come from. I wasn't certain how I was going to explain it.

Suddenly, my wife turned around and looked at us. I quickly took my arm from around the woman on my left; I didn't think my wife had noticed. I scooted to the right side of the back seat and the woman scooted closer to the door on the left. Although I was strongly attracted to the woman I knew I couldn't do anything with her in front of my wife.

The little girl had also turned around and was looking back at us. She was wearing a dark blue blouse. She wanted to play with me and acted as if she wanted to hit me with her arms. I thought she might be the driver's daughter, but I was unsure.

As we drove down Coles Boulevard we came to a place where there was a lot of commotion as if there had been a car wreck. Hundreds of people were out in the street. It looked as if there had been wrecks all up and down the street. Some policemen on motorcycles passed us. Our driver steered over into the left lane, which was clear, and began going very fast. As he drove something about him reminded me of my second cousin, Don. People had to jump out of his way to avoid being hit. Some cars were behind us and I thought some policemen might be among them. I told the driver to pull over.

The police ran one car off the road and it crashed into a house. Our driver was racing along like a madman and I feared we would wreck also. I told him to pull over into someone's yard or anything, just to get off the road. Finally, directly ahead of us was a wrecked car and some people were standing in front of it. Our driver slammed on the brakes and I thought for sure he was going to run into the people, but he managed to stop in the nick of time.

We had stopped right in front of Roosevelt Elementary School. I was now afraid someone would hit us in the rear. I ordered the driver to pull up into a nearby yard across the street from the school. He began driving into the yard. One car was already in the yard, but we were able to squeeze in also.

Two young men lying in the street had apparently been injured in the car wreck. So many accidents and injuries were around me I thought perhaps a terrible plague had struck the city.

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