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Dream of: 27 June 1986 "Mystery Movie"

I was watching what appeared to be a mystery movie that had suddenly began. At the same time I somehow appeared to be in the movie. A man and two of his sons had suddenly been kidnapped and taken away. A third son (who seemed like me) was left behind and was trying to find the others. The third son went out and got into a car. He started out intending to go forward, but instead began backing down a hill. When he finally put the car in forward, he discovered he was stuck in some snow which covered the ground.

He put the car back into reverse and began going backwards again. He also began sharply turning the car around so he was finally able to back to the top of the hill.

A house was at the top of the hill. A woman (about 35 years old) came out of the house. She told the man she had a terrible pain and it appeared she had a bad tooth ache. Although he was in a hurry to search for his father and brothers he said, "Get in."

She and a couple of her children (boys) got into the car and the man drove off. He wasn't able to immediately find his father and brothers, so he, the woman and the two children went to the home of a man whom the woman knew. They stayed there for a while and it became clear in the movie that the woman and man at the house were in cahoots with the kidnappers and were planning to kidnap the third brother and kill him. Without warning they then killed the third brother.

The scene suddenly changed and showed the father and two brothers standing in a room. They looked very noble and reminded me of Socrates getting ready to die. The two boys were each given a glass of poison. They both drank the poison and fell over dead. The father then was given a glass of poison. He drank it and likewise fell over dead.

The next scene showed the arrival of the police. A vial of poison was found, and on the vial was a fingerprint. A commentator's voice said that the fingerprint had set in motion a search which had lasted for 20 years. The mystery was who had killed everyone.

The answer was to be found in something which had already been seen in the movie. It was left up to the audience to try to solve it. The commentator then began explaining exactly what the answer to the mystery was.

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