Dream of: 24 June 1986 (2) "Curved Mirror"

I had decided I was finally going to confront my old girlfriend Birdie and her husband Rick about Birdie's daughter, Brandi. Having learned they were living somewhere near Kileen, Texas, I went to visit them. They were expecting me when I arrived. I walked into their home, which (I was surprised to find) was large and well-furnished.

Although other children (which Birdie had apparently had) were also in the house, Brandi was nowhere to be seen. Pictures of other children were sitting around the house, but I didn't see any of Brandi. A picture of one girl looked a bit like Rick, but I didn't think the picture was of Brandi.

Rick (whom I had never personally met) was sitting at a small desk in a room which was raised higher than the room in which Birdie and I were standing. He stepped down out of the higher room and bent over to pick up something. He was wearing blue jeans which had paint or something on them. I felt like saying (but I didn't) that I was glad Birdie had found someone who had taken good care of her. I was glad Rick had provided a good home for Birdie because Birdie's welfare had concerned me through the years. I didn't have anything against Rick—I simply wanted to learn whether I was Brandi's natural father.

When the three of us stepped back up to the higher room and sat down, I noticed Birdie appeared to be pregnant. I didn't know at first whether I should say exactly why I was there in front of the children, but after Birdie and Rick finally opened the subject, I said, "Well, it's a very simple thing what I want. I simply want to go and have a blood test."

Rick and Birdie had obviously already discussed the matter. They seemed against the proposition of a blood test. Rick said if I tried to approach Brandi, they would have an arrest warrant issued for me to keep me away from her. I said, "Why drag this out? I will get a court order. All I want to know is who the natural father is. I guarantee you that I will get a court order. But why not avoid all that? Or if I have to, I will simply wait until she is seventeen which is the legal age of adulthood in Texas."

As we continued talking, they began to relent and appeared amenable to the blood test. When Rick asked me where I wanted the results sent, I was taken by surprise for a second. I looked Rick right in the eye and replied, "Well I want to be sure when the blood samples are taken that the proper samples are given to the doctor."

Birdie raised her finger, pointed it at my nose and said something about my being awfully tricky about this thing.

Rick left the room and Birdie and I began walking together through the house. We passed the living room which contained some nice clean neat furniture. In front of one couch, all arranged in a row, were some little statuettes, apparently toys for children. Birdie left me alone and I continued wandering about. In one room I found a gigantic mirror about five meters wide. It rose to the ceiling and even curved around some onto the ceiling. I thought the mirror must be difficult to clean. I stood in front of the mirror waiting for someone to return.

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