Dream of: 24 June 1986 "Returning to College"

I had gone to visit Weinstein who was living in a house in Chillicothe, Ohio. Wittenburg (a former high school classmate) was also at the house. I was planning to return to high school in Chillicothe -- I still had a year to finish. Weinstein was also going to return to high school for a year. 

I spent the night at Weinstein's, intending to rise and go to school the following morning. Weinstein and Wittenburg slept together in a bed in one room and I slept in a different bed in a different room.

When morning came, I woke, walked into Weinstein's room and woke him. He said he wasn't going to go this morning and he was going to wait until the following day. I began dressing and getting ready because I wanted to go ahead and go. I had a pair of orange tennis shoes I was going to wear, but I decided they were too bright.

I wondered about Weinstein and Wittenburg sleeping together. Did something more than just friendship exist between them?

I really didn't want to go to high school. Besides, I was 33 years old and chances were I wouldn't be readmitted anyway. Perhaps instead I would go to the college in Chillicothe. I might like to study chemistry, which might take a long time, but would be interesting. I might become a chemist and even be able to manufacture hallucinogens someday. More interesting, I thought, would be to use my knowledge of chemistry to practice patent law someday.

Something had happened to my car and I set out on foot, walking down the right side of the road. I walked on the road at first, until I noticed a car coming behind me, then I began walking on the grass beside the road. After a short distance I saw the high school ahead on my left. I knew I would need to go farther into town to find the college.

Close to the high school on my left, separated from the road by a fence, was a field which contained some animals. Two beautiful, big-horn sheep almost twice as big as me were in the field. The left horn of one sheep had been broken off.

Fields were also on my right and I thought they were cared for by the high school as part of some classes. Finally, I came to a small creek being crossed by some horses which walked close to me and didn't seem afraid. I didn't want to scare them. One brown pony was climbing up the bank of the creek.

I crossed the creek on a bridge on the road. On the other side I had to pass through some thin wires to get back on the grass beside the road, where I continued walking.

On the left side of the road were some other animals being fed by women who looked like nuns. I thought the women must be in charge of feeding the animals.

I finally came to a small building which had its back to the road. I looked around to the front of the building and saw a woman come out who appeared to be a nun. Animals were apparently being fed in the building.

What appeared to be chimpanzees or large apes were digging around in the ground. One dug up what appeared to be a large nut and grabbed it. Some large melons then came rolling out of the building, apparently being put out for the apes to feed on. One chimpanzee threw one melon straight up in the air. It fell to the ground and burst open. I also saw some watermelon which the apes were being given to eat.

I continued walking until I finally found myself in Quebec City, Canada. I came to a street near Laval University where I knew I had recently gone to a store to purchase some books containing pictures which I intended to use in collages. I thought I might once again walk up that street.

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