Dream of: 22 June 1986 "El Nino"

I had gone to a movie dealing with Mexico the first scene of which showed an area of Mexico which had been devastated by a tornado. As I watched, it seemed as if I were actually walking around in the area. The tornado had struck about a week earlier, but there was still fire burning in some buildings. A large trailer park had been hit, trailers were overturned and small buildings had crumbled. Someone said the name of the tornado had been "El Nino."

The movie, progressing and focusing in upon a particular family, showed a man and his wife and some other man who seemed to be the brother of the husband who had been living with the couple.

The brother had gone insane and the wife decided that he needed to be killed. The husband agreed with her. The wife went out and bought an instrument which looked like an ice scraper for car windows which had a razor blade on its end. She wanted her husband to kill his brother with it and gave it to him as a birthday present. But the husband became upset, threw it away, said he wasn't going to do it and left.

That night the wife suddenly awoke and found that the crazy brother had hold of her. He was making an odd noise and seemed to be trying to bite her. The wife began screaming, "Oh! Oh!"

Suddenly, I realized it was actually I who was screaming instead of the woman.

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