Dream of: 21 June 1986 "Came At Night"

I had gone to Walls' house to visit him. He began showing me something he had type-written on about three sheets of paper. I was unsure at first what it was, but as I read I noticed how well the writing flowed. Some magazine pictures were also included with the writing and I began cutting out some pictures, one of which was a large whale.

After I finished reading, Walls asked me what I thought about it. I hadn't given it much thought but I said to him, "Actually, it was much better than what I would have anticipated from you."

He replied, "Yea, a lot of people have said that."

I was surprised he could write so well and that his grammar, spelling and punctuation had been so good. The piece had actually reminded me of the way my dreams were written. I said, "I hope you don't mind, I took the liberty of making some corrections, including cutting out some of the pictures."

He said he didn't mind. I said, "This whale was on the back side of what you wrote, so some of what you wrote is cut out here. You gotta be careful about not losing that."

I knew Walls wasn't accomplishing anything at the moment and I wanted to tell him he could be doing something with his life instead of letting it slip by. He obviously had some abilities if he would simply put them to use.

Walls brought out a large, hard-covered book for me to look at. It had a colorful art picture on the front and the name of the book was Cowboy. I opened it up to an article he wanted to show me, the name of which was "Came at Night." It apparently dealt with duck hunting. One picture showed a type of little chair made of reeds and straw in which a person could sit in the water and call ducks in to shoot.

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