Dream of: 19 June 1986 "Airplane Crash"

I was on an airplane with my mother, my sister and my brother Chris. The plane seemed more than anything like a long empty tube. My sister had with her a small boy (about 3-4 years old). He had a camera in his hand and was wearing some kind of mask. I looked at him and commented to my mother that he looked "goofy." I said to my sister "Doesn't he look goofy."

But she seemed a bit offended and I realized I shouldn't have said that to her because she obviously wouldn't agree with me.

The little boy was standing up high on something and I took my eyes off him for a minute. When I looked back he was gone and I thought he had somehow fallen overboard. I said, "Something's happened to him."

But then I walked back to the end of the tube and found him sitting in a wheelchair. My sister said she hadn't been worried at all and she hadn't thought he had fallen overboard. I pushed him back up to where we were.

Something suddenly happened to the plane and it turned into a nose dive. It appeared we had some kind of problem. It felt as if something then fell off the plane and it straightened up. But then it started going down again.

Apparently we were over the ocean headed for New York City, but were still quite far away. The pilots were standing near us and were apparently planning for a crash. One man who was apparently an assistant said he would be there to assist us off the plane. They began looking at the roof of the plane trying to determine how we would get out if we crashed. One of the men said, "Well if we live through this we'll be able to say we've lived through an airplane crash."

I thought it was very possible that we were going to die, but I wasn't frightened. I realized there was nothing we could do and the best thing was simply to remain calm. I knew it was going to be difficult for my sister's little boy if we crashed in the ocean. Plus Chris had muscular dystrophy and was in a wheelchair. We might have to abandon Chris. It would be awful for him to drown, but he would be the most likely one to be abandoned. We knew he wouldn't live long anyway. But I could hardly bear the thought of just leaving him on the plane and decided to try my best to save him.

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