Dream of: 04 June 1986 "Playing Concentration"

I seemed to be in the downstairs of the House in Patriot and was playing the game "Concentration" with two other people. I was sitting on the right of a slender, good-looking, blonde lady (about 25 years old). A man was on the other side of her. The woman and I were both sitting under covers.

The puzzle on the board had been almost completely uncovered revealing the pictures which we were trying to fit together to make some kind of sentence or saying. There must have been 25-30 pictures on the board.

Another man who was the monitor gave each of us in turn a chance to solve the puzzle. I looked at the pictures but I couldn't seem to make any sense out of them. Since I couldn't see the board well, I walked over to it and began moving it around. It was only a piece of plywood leaning against what appeared to be an easel. The host, wondering what I was doing, walked over to me and I told him I needed to move it out so I could see it better. It wasn't leaning out far enough at the bottom.

When I returned to my place, I noticed a smaller version of the big board right in front of me which I could see more clearly. On the top part of the board were some pictures of flowers. In the lower right hand corner was something resembling a piece of paper which had been torn out and pasted on the board. It said "Alcoholics Anonymous." I thought the key word there was "Anonymous" and that the puzzle was probably either a song or a poem that was anonymous. To the left of the words "Alcoholics Anonymous" was a small picture of Texas.

During the course of the game we had also been accumulating some dollar points. Since the woman had the most points she would win if no one solved the puzzle. Finally no one could solve the puzzle and the game ended. The woman won and she was going to be allowed to return the next day.

The woman and I kept getting closer and closer until finally our legs were touching. I wondered if she was wearing slacks or a skirt. Since I could feel her skin I concluded she must be wearing a skirt. I didn't have anything on my legs either. I managed to put my leg under her left leg and raised it up so that my thigh was against her crotch. She didn't seem to object.

At one point she turned away and bent over. As she did I could see that she was wearing a short white skirt. When she bent over I could also see her panties. Then she pulled the cover back up on her.

She kept getting closer and closer. I wasn't wearing any pants and I thought perhaps she was going to bend over and perform fellatio on me. Instead, however, I maneuvered around and realizing she was no longer wearing any panties inserted my penis into her vagina.

The host however, became upset at our activity. Apparently he didn't think we should be doing that while we were playing the game and he said we were going to be disqualified. But that didn't stop me and we continued anyway.

Finally I realized we had gotten into a position where no one could see us and what we were doing was all right. Having sort of become invisible to the world, we continued.

Finally we stopped having sex. Everyone was going to spend the night here and we went to separate rooms to sleep. When it was close to morning I awoke and went to the woman's bedroom downstairs and found it empty. I looked up the stairs and thought she was probably up there, maybe taking a shower. I sat down and waited for her to come back downstairs.

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