Dream of: 01 June 1986 (3) "Coffee-Maker"

I had moved to a new city and needed to find a job. With me was a woman who somewhat reminded me of my ex-wife, Louise, likewise looking for a job. Finally we both found jobs at the same place where we were both paid $5.50 an hour. I worked in a small office with another woman.

The person who employed us reminded me of judge Schwille. He called me on the phone one day after I had been working for about a month and told me he had some stomach problems. He needed someone to prepare his coffee for him which he thought would help cure his problems. He wanted to know if I would prepare it. I didn't have to give him an answer right that minute.

I hung up and began reflecting about the proposal. Since I knew nothing about making coffee and since I didn't think coffee would be good for his stomach anyway, it bothered me that I would make it for him. I really didn't want to do it.

In the meantime Louise had already found another job, had moved on and was making more money. I began thinking I likewise needed to advance to a better job. $5.50 an hour simply wasn't enough to fool with. But the nice thing about my job was that I didn't actually have to work much. I was able to do what I wanted most of the time, but I still didn't like the job.

I was sitting at my desk early one morning thinking over the matter. I thought of calling another woman who worked in the office and talking to her. Her name was Adrian and she reminded me somewhat of Terra Perry (a Dallas acquaintance). Before I called, a woman who reminded me somewhat of Mireya (a Dallas acquaintance) walked into the office. I didn't want to call Adrian in front of the woman because I had decided I specifically wanted to say to Adrian, "I want to make love to you."

I would have to wait until the woman left. In the meantime I thought about making coffee. I figured I would have to make it if I were going to continue working there. The coffee could be made in a kitchen there which somewhat reminded me of the kitchen of the House in Patriot. I knew some coffee filters were in the kitchen but I really didn't know how they worked. I would have to ask someone for assistance. The whole idea was disgusting to me.

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