Dream of: 01 June 1986 (2) "Eagle Claws"

I was at the House in Patriot, Ohio (the home of my maternal grandparents when I was a child). A sick man was staying in the small room which used to be my uncle George's bedroom. The man's attractive blonde wife (in her late 20s) called and told the man she was coming to visit him.

When she arrived I met her in the front living room of the house. I began having a relationship with the woman and began going to bed with her. We didn't actually have sex, but were getting close to it.

Later the man began telling me about how much the woman loved him. He said that even though he was sick and bedfast she was still going to have oral sex with him. I began thinking that unbeknownst to him I was doing the same thing with the woman in the other room.

While all this was going on I was also in the process of making an experimental collage by using scrap pieces of paper and pictures. Much of the material was merely pictures of different types of textures, although it was still quite pretty. I was making some interesting designs on the board by pasting the pictures together.

I had pasted many pieces of paper together to form lines which led to the middle of the collage for emphasis. As one of the centerpieces of the collage I was going to place a picture of a man who appeared to be a Roman emperor. He was wearing a long, white robe and was driving a chariot. I was also thinking of placing on the collage a picture I had of a statue of a naked boy. Next to him I would place a picture of an eagle which had flown down and grabbed the boy's penis with its claws. I had thought about putting that picture in an earlier collage and now seemed like a good time to use it.

I went into the back room of the house and there I discovered Phil Waddell (a former high school classmate). He had earlier spoken to me of the woman visiting the sick man. He didn't know I was having a relationship with her and he told me he was going to have a relationship with her.

The woman was also lying down in the room and I sat down beside her. Waddell likewise sat close to her. She began talking to Waddell. I told her I knew she was friends with Waddell, just like she was friends with me.

The woman lay on her back and Waddell lay next to her while I sat near her head. I began unbuttoning her blouse and felt her breast through her bra. I pulled her bra up over her breast and Waddell bent over and began kissing her breast.

She wanted us to stop and she said, "Please, no."

But at the same time she was obviously enjoying very much what was taking place even though she acted as if she wanted us to stop. I was however concerned about the sick man in the next room, whom I knew was very close to her and might even be her husband. I was afraid he might come into the room and I suggested we all go upstairs where both Waddell and I could have sex with the woman. But I was unsure she was going to agree to have sex with both of us at the same time.

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