Dream of: 01 June 1986 "Heaven On Earth"

I was with my nephew David and another person who seemed like his aunt and who reminded me of pictures of mother Mary which I had seen. David was asking the woman some questions and wanted to know where heaven was. She hesitated. I knew she had been giving him a lot of false information about matters like that; so before she had a chance to answer I said to David, "Nobody knows where heaven is."

But then I corrected myself and said, "Well at least nobody who we know of knows where it is."

I noticed that his aunt didn't seem to care that I was actually telling him the truth for a change. David asked me if heaven was here on earth. I replied, "No heaven isn't here on earth."

But then I stopped, thought and a tear came to my eye. I said, "Well maybe it's here on earth."

It seemed that perhaps indeed heaven was here on earth. Maybe some people actually knew they were in heaven and were living on earth who we do not know about. Or perhaps some people were just experiencing a type of heaven while they were alive here on earth and that was as close as one could get to heaven.

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