Dream of: 27 May 1986 "Blood Brothers"

A fellow about my age and I had decided to become blood brothers. I took a knife and rapidly ran it across the palm of my right hand. It caused a very slight cut. I then told him to give me his hand. He hesitated at first but then stretched out his hand to me. I made a slight cut on his hand. But I hadn't cut him deeply enough to draw blood. I told him to give me his hand again and again I tried. But again no blood came and I had to try several times before I finally drew blood from him.

But when I looked back at my hand no blood was now coming out. So I ran the knife across my hand again several times, but I didn't feel anything. Suddenly the fellow pulled out a saw and told me to use that. I looked at the saw and certainly didn't want to use that. The idea seemed silly.

So I kept trying to cut myself with the knife until finally I managed to slash my index finger open close to the palm and blood started quickly dripping out. I looked at his hand and he still had some blood on it. We quickly clasped our hands. We both had on long-sleeved shirts and I was afraid we would get blood all over them. The blood coming from me was particularly dark. We let our hands go and then we clasped them again as if we were shaking hands. The act signified that we were now blood brothers.

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