Dream of: 26 May 1986 "Overcoming God's Advice"

Vickie and I had reunited. Vickie and I had once had a short fervent love affair many years before when I had lived in Portsmouth, Ohio. Now I had asked Vickie to marry me and she had agreed. After proposing, I didn't see Vickie for a few days, but when we met again, we began walking down the street together. We passed my great-uncle Curt, and waved to him. We continued walking, and then a bit later we once again saw Curt and passed him. This time I stopped, backed up to Curt, and told him I wanted to introduce him to Vickie. When I attempted the introduction, however, I simply could not remember Curt's name. I finally guessed that his name might be "George Musser." But that didn't sound right. His last name might be "Musser," but I didn't think his first name was "George." Finally, I said, "Mr. Musser, I'd like you to meet Vickie."

Vickie looked at him and said to him, "I liked you better the other way." As it turned out, Vickie already knew Curt. She was now referring to the fact that Curt had gained quite a bit of weight, and that she had liked him better when he had been thinner.

Curt walked along with us a ways, then continued on by himself. When Vickie and I we were alone again, I asked her if she were sure she wanted to marry me. After she replied that she was positive, I asked her if she had any doubts. She replied, "I just have a slight doubt whether or not I'm doing the right thing."

I said, "Well that's a pretty big doubt."

She added, "But basically I'm doubt-free."

Although she seemed happy to be with me, she seemed a little sadder than I remembered her, not quite as cheerful. I was glad we were together, but I still had reservations about marrying her because she was about six years younger than I, and I doubted it was wise for me to be marrying someone so much younger. I even had a lingering feeling that God didn't want me to marry her because she was so young. She made me so happy, however, I couldn't resist her; I thought she was the most wonderful person in the world. I was so happy to be with her that my happiness overcame my doubts about her being so young.

I flattered Vickie that she was the most intelligent, active and creative girl I had ever known. I had especially thought about her during our separation for the last year. I didn't tell her she was the prettiest girl I had ever cared for, however, because I didn't think that was true, but I thought in her own way she was the most spiritually beautiful. I wanted her to know that I had been thinking about her and that I did think she was beautiful.

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