Dream of: 21 May 1986 "The Next Life"

Another fellow and I were hiding behind a car and a bag which someone had thrown down. We were watching an enemy force similar to the Nazis about to execute some prisoners of all sorts who had been captured. It seemed like as if this had happened to me once before, but I couldn't remember exactly when or where. I had an idea of what was going to happen but I wasn't completely sure.

The soldiers walked up and began shooting many prisoners. Someone then discovered me and the fellow with me, grabbed us and put us with some prisoners. I thought we would probably soon be executed. Many prisoners standing around me were old and haggard. One cadaverous-looking woman was standing next to me. I spoke to her.

I felt stalwart and was prepared to die. She gave some advice about our doing what the captors told us to do. I said, "Yes. Yes. I'm going to. I saw what they did to those other people."

I wanted to encourage the people around me. Referring to our captors, I said, "But their day will come, and we will be back in the next life."

I could tell the old woman was rather dubious about whether we would actually have a next life. I went on to explain to her that I was sure there would be a next life. There was much more to life that just the fleeting time in our present life. Another life was sure to come.

The old woman was probably over 60 years old. Suddenly on impulse I threw my arms around her and held her tightly. I moved my feet back from her slightly so we were leaning on each other somewhat. She whispered, "Touch me."

I thought she wanted me to display some sexual move toward her. She said, "Touch my breasts."

I squeezed her breasts and she said, "Touch me lower."

I backed away from her, but she tried to pull me closer to her and rub against my penis. I backed completely away from her. I felt as if the woman had some problems, but I didn't feel as if it was for me to criticize her in any way. Whatever her problems were, it wasn't for me to judge. I was here merely to observe. She seemed upset. Suddenly she began making many different faces. Her faces were sad, crazy and pleasant. She asked me what I thought of the faces. I replied, "Well, they make me think and they make me learn, so bring them on."

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