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Dream of: 20 May 1986 "Glancing In The Mirror"

Some other fellows and I had stopped at a woman's home located on the other side of the street from the House in Patriot. The woman was about 30 years old and I thought she was a school teacher. We talked and finally I rose and walked into a back room.

I walked over to a closet and began explaining to someone here that I knew a trap door was in that closet because one time I had hidden there. At that time Brian Morris (a Portsmouth acquaintance) had gone into the closet, picked up the trap door and discovered me.

As we talked I walked over to the trap door and picked it up. I didn't see anything inside and backed away. But suddenly, Morris stood up from under the trap door and stepped into the room. Apparently, he had been seeing the woman, he didn't want anyone to know about it and he had hidden there.

I told Morris he didn't need to hide and he came out. I wondered if he had heard me talking about him while he had been hiding there. I was glad I hadn't said anything bad about him. We walked into the kitchen but Morris didn't seem to want to stay here with us. It was rather late—around midnight. Morris walked over to the woman, who was sitting at the kitchen table, gave her a kiss and left. As he did so I thought the woman probably saw a number of different men.

I followed Morris out onto the porch and asked him where he was going. He said he was just going to run around for a while. I asked him if he were going to bed tonight but he didn't know. He wasn't very friendly and I was unsure he wanted any company. I told him I didn't know whether I was going to be with the other people very long because they had places to go. Morris said something about going to a bowling alley and I thought he was referring to a bowling alley in Gallipolis. I thought he must have a car.

Morris left but I wanted to go with him. So I left the others there, got into my 1984 Volkswagen Rabbit and picked Morris up. I told Morris I had just gotten a parking ticket on my car. Someone had left a note in the car. Also I had left my billfold in the car and it was now gone. I wondered if the police had taken my billfold to insure that I would come and pay the parking ticket.

We began driving around and finally came to a small town where I had never been before. We passed some mirrors and I saw myself. I thought about how old I looked.

The town was actually rather large and we drove down a number of streets. Finally, we came to one street where there was quite a bit of activity even though it was after midnight. I thought perhaps we might go dancing. I asked Morris if we were on the strip. He said that the strip was at another location and that it wasn't very long.

We passed one spot and I said, "Well there's a place."

We could see inside the building and there appeared to be a bunch of teenagers inside. Some girls were wearing green outfits with white lettering that looked like pompom suits. I thought perhaps they were cheerleaders who had come from a football game. It looked as if they were dancing inside.

I parked the car and as we walked inside I realized I hadn't actually been driving my car but had been riding a small bicycle with long handlebars. I just pedaled the bicycle right on into the building and rode it around. I didn't have a lock for it so I had to keep it with me.

There was a mirror inside and looking at myself I noticed I was wearing a scarf around my waist. I told Morris I had lost my belt and I was wearing the scarf to hold my pants up. But I wanted to take it off because it didn't look very good. Morris and I were also wearing ties.

I also noticed again how old I looked. I was in my 30s and here I was with a bunch of teenagers. I was uncertain I wanted to try to pick up one of the girls. I didn't even know if I wanted to dance.

Morris didn't seem to be enjoying himself. Plus it was an aggravation lugging the bicycle around. But finally I saw that there was a room where other kids had left their bicycles. Another room contained some shelves where kids had left scarves similar to mine. I thought about leaving my scarf there but I didn't see any open place to put it.

Finally, Morris and I walked outside and Morris said sarcastically, "Are there any more fun places where you want to go?"

He wasn't friendly and I was unsure he even wanted to be with me. I wondered if Morris had been living in Portsmouth all the time since I had last seen him years before. Perhaps he was jealous because I had been living in other places and he had been stuck in Portsmouth. As we walked Brain kept talking but I couldn't hear exactly what he was saying.

I wasn't having much fun and I was growing rather tired of the whole place. The people were too young and I didn't feel as if I really belonged.

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