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Dream of: 19 May 1986 "Stained Couch"

I was living in an apartment with some woman. In the living room was a large, gold-colored couch, the type that comes in three sections which fit together like a rectangle with one side open. Somehow the woman had spilled some oily-type substance on the couch which left a large mark. I looked more closely and saw that the substance was actually all over the couch. The woman was in the room with me and I began telling her just how bad the couch now looked.

I then turned around and looked behind me. For a moment it seemed as if I were no longer standing in a room but was actually out in the country looking over a wooded landscape. I said, "But it doesn't look so bad when you look at it from this direction."

The woman had originally sold me the couch for $3,000. She told me not to worry about it because she would buy it back from me. She said she was going to move and she wanted to take the couch with her. She wanted to know how much I wanted for the couch. I thought it was certainly not worth $3,000. But she said she would pay me $3,400 for the couch. I said, "OK."

She pulled out her checkbook, wrote a check and handed it to me. I glanced at it without paying much attention at first. But looking closer I saw that the check was only for $3,100. I asked, "What's this?"

She replied, "The rest of its going to come from the government."

I wasn't really that concerned. I walked over to her, pulled her into my arms and suggested that the rest of it could simply come from her.

She was about 40 years old but still attractive. She was thin and had black hair. I knew she wanted to have sex with me and I pulled her closer to me. I turned her around and began taking off her clothes. I then took off my clothes. I had an erection and noticed how large my penis was. I thought about how I hadn't been using it lately for having sex. Even the woman hadn't recently had the use of my penis. But I knew she wanted to.

She lay down and I got on top of her. I was ready to began having sex with her but before I started she had an orgasm. I thought she would probably have an orgasm again when we actually began having intercourse. She said she was wet so I simply pushed my penis into her. But as I began having sex with her I thought what I was doing was insane. I didn't know her well and she might have some kind of venereal disease such as Herpes. I could be contaminated for life.

But I knew I didn't have any cuts or abrasions on my penis. So I couldn't be infected that way. I remembered that my father had once told me that I would probably never catch a venereal disease if I would simply urinate and wash my penis immediately after having sex. I thought that was what I would do when I finished this time.

Then she began moving around and somehow turned around so my penis was bent back double. Suddenly, I felt as if I were going to climax. My penis suddenly flipped out so that it was pointed away from her. I suddenly ejaculated and the sperm flew clear across the room in several directions. I had made quite a mess of the room.

I didn't know if she had been on the verge of climaxing. I hoped she had been able to climax at least once while I had been inside her.

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