Dream of: 16 May 1986 (2) "Art Books"

My father and I were traveling about half way between Cincinnati and Portsmouth, Ohio and stopped to go into some kind of variety store. I saw what at first appeared to be some posters but soon realized they were actually puzzles which someone had put together. I thought they might be interesting to hang on the wall and thought I might buy two or three. I began going through them and picked out some. Then I saw another stack puzzles behind the stack I had been looking at.

Some puzzles were still in boxes most of which displayed pictures of large cathedrals on the fronts. I thought those might be interesting pictures to have. I then saw another row of assembled puzzles.

I managed to break off a piece of one puzzle that had been put together.

Some puzzles had the wrong pieces in them. The pieces were the right size but they had had been taken from different puzzles. One puzzle even had some tape on it to hold the pieces in place.

I had some checks with me from my bank in Dallas, but I knew I no longer lived in Texas and I thought I would probably not be able to buy the puzzles with the Texas checks. I didn't have any other money and I didn't want to bother my father by borrowing any money from him.

However the store also served as a post office. I thought I would indeed be able to buy the puzzles by check if I were going to send them to someone by mail. But instead of taking the puzzles to the counter I looked around and found some art books, which I decided to buy and send. I thought I would probably buy $14-$15 worth. I didn't know exactly what I was going to do with the art books but I thought they might be helpful.

I walked up to the counter where quite a number of people were gathered. One woman was in front of me but she stepped away. I told the woman behind the counter taking orders that I wanted to send the art books to Portsmouth, Ohio and I handed them to her. I told her I was sending them to myself. She looked at me puzzled as if wondering why I didn't simply take them with me.

I thought about it and it did seem like a better idea to simply try to pay for the books with the checks and then take them with me.

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