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Dream of: 16 May 1986 "Replay"

I was in Portsmouth, Ohio where I had been seeing a girl I had once known named Sharon. I met another girl whom I didn't recognize at first, but soon realized was Vickie. She had become older.

I liked Vickie very much and I felt a strong attraction between us. I put my arms around her and held her close to me. We were standing on the porch of the house she had once lived in on Hutchins Street in Portsmouth. The main difference between us now and the way we used to be was simply that we were both much older.

I wanted to be with her very much and she also obviously wanted to be with me. We fell down into some snow on the ground and lay hugging each other.

We stood back up; Vickie said we would now have to obtain her mother's approval. I fell over stiff into the snow. I remembered Vickie's mother hadn't approved of me the last time; her mother had been one of the main reasons Vickie and I had separated. I thought the same thing would happen all over again. Vickie was encouraging; she said her mother would probably be better this time now that Vickie was older.

I stood back up. I realized I was going to have to tell Sharon I wasn't going to see her anymore. It seemed very much like a replay of what had happened back in 1978 when I had first met Vickie. I asked Vickie how old she was; she was five years younger than I. She said she had been born in November five years after me.

I hesitated about being with her because she was considerably younger than I, but finally I decided it didn't make any difference because I wanted to be with her anyway. I was in love with her.

Vickie's sister was sitting nearby; she had seen us. Her sister had black hair and reminded me of Carla Kees (a Portsmouth acquaintance); she also reminded me somewhat of a Portsmouth acquaintance named Chris. She looked at us knowingly as if she knew what was going on between us, but she didn't seem to disapprove.

A red sports car pulled up and I walked over to it. In the car was an attractive girl whom I had recently met. She had been with me once before; she said she wanted to see me again to go over something with me. I was unsure whether we were studying something together or what; but apparently we were in school together. She said there was going to be a party the next night at someone's house; she wanted to know if I was going to go. I said, "No."

I told her she could call me and I pulled out one of my attorney cards. I had some cards left over that I hadn't used. Some other peoples' names were also on the front of the cards. Among them was the name "Bob Fullerton," who was supposed to be my barber. The card said my address was in Washington, D.C. and gave a second address of Wilmington. I told her the addresses were wrong and that the Washington, D.C. address had been put there when I had been working in Washington, D.C. But I thought to myself that I had never really worked in Washington, D.C.

The girl was rather sexy; at the same she time seemed rather frivolous. I didn't want to have much to do with her. Vickie was watching us in the background, but she didn't seem jealous and she didn't seem to mind my talking with the girl. Her attitude seemed mature; I liked that. I asked the girl if we could meet the next day, Sunday afternoon. She agreed; I told her to call me and we could arrange a time.

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