Dream of: 15 May 1986 "All Creation"

song brings joy

I seemed to be watching a movie in which a man was spying on a farm where some murders had apparently taken place. The man rode up on horse and into a barn to look around. A woman saw him, began hollering and grabbed a shotgun. The man rode off, but the woman ran to the barn door, fired the gun and cried, "I got him!"

The man didn't fall from the horse and rode off. The woman and some other people then began tracking the man. They found some blood, followed it and finally came to a desolate area where they found the man lying on the ground. They picked the man up and he stood on his feet. He had blood on his head and apparently had fallen from his horse. He was a husky fellow (about 40 years old).

A couple men were with the woman and I thought they were going to shoot the man right there; but instead they started walking him along and headed back toward the farmhouse.

They came to an area where many Hispanic bodies were lying around all stiff with some of their legs sticking up in the air. Some other people who weren't Hispanics were standing nearby. Apparently the non-Hispanics had been bringing the Hispanic people up there, making them work for them and then killing them.

Some other Hispanics and a few Anglo Saxons were also there working. One young fellow among them looked like a cross-bread between an Hispanic and an Anglo-Saxon. I thought he might possibly be the son of one of the owners of the place.

As they walked around I realized I was actually the fellow whom they had apprehended. As I marched along with them I thought they were probably going to kill me, but suddenly someone came running back from the house and apparently they had decided not to kill anyone else right now. Everyone was overjoyed and broke out into a song which sounded like something which might be sung at a church meeting. It went, "All creation is so wholesome to be working again for me, I tell you I must cry."

I felt joyful. I knew the song and I began singing along with them.

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