Dream of: 11 May 1986 "Preparing A Speech"

I was driving my silver 1984 Volkswagen Rabbit down a dirt road in what appeared to be a foreign country. Many Moslem-looking people were walking along the road. I had a black Uzzi submachine gun (about 40 centimeters long). I enjoyed having the gun and I felt protected with it, but I was concerned that I wasn't allowed to have such a weapon in this place. I thought one of the groups of Moslem-looking people along the road might try to stop my car, take the gun away from me and perhaps even arrest me.

I reached a place where heavy road machinery—perhaps a grader or a bulldozer—had plowed up part of the road. I had to turn around and go back past the same groups of Moslems I had just passed. I was still concerned they might try to stop me, but no one did.

Finally, I came to a traffic jam. A white corvette in front of me would first speed up and then it would slow down. I was concerned I might slide into the rear of the car and damage it.

It suddenly occurred to me that the traffic jam was caused by a mass exodus of people who were afraid a war was going to break out here. I likewise was in a hurry to depart. I thought the situation was similar to the beginning of an atomic war: a person simply wouldn't be able to get out in time.

Suddenly, a car hit me in the rear. I in turn bumped the corvette in front of me, but there was no damage of any consequence to any of the vehicles.

I finally made it out of the traffic jam and reached a place which appeared to be in Germany where a large number of Americans were located. Apparently, a war had broken out between the Soviet Union and the United States, and Americans had been sent to Germany to fight. I entered what appeared to be an auditorium and began preparing for battle.

My immediate superior stepped up to me, picked me out and said he had something for me to do. He took me over to another auditorium where a group of women was stationed. He picked out a girl from the women and asked her to come down to where we were. She stood beside me and he said he wanted the two of us to prepare a talk dealing with some kind of fair which used to be held between the United States and the Soviet Union. He said we should be prepared to give the talk within three hours and then he walked away.

The girl walked back up and sat down. I went with her. Many women were sitting around whom I felt looking at us. Some were quite attractive. The girl herself was very pretty and I felt rather special being with her. She was probably in her late teens and seemed intelligent. She was thin and well-proportioned.

I didn't know exactly how to write our speech. Since I knew that both Germans and Americans would be in the audience, I wondered whether the speech should be given in German or English. Since we were in Germany and I knew more Germans than Americans would be in the audience, I concluded that I should give the speech in German. I would make mistakes in German, but I would do adequately well.

I suggested to the girl that she go with me so we could research the subject together. When she agreed, we left and walked outside. I asked her how she felt about talking in front of thousands of people. The idea didn't appear to bother her. I had had some recent practice talking in groups and I thought this would be further good practice for me.

I told her I had to find my car and I mentioned the Uzzi submachine gun which I had in the car. I said, "I really like this Uzzi. I've got it with me."

I couldn't tell whether she was impressed. We began looking for my car but I couldn't remember exactly where I had parked it. I knew there was a certain parking lot where cars had to be backed in. I thought my car was there and we headed in that direction.

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