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Dream of: 10 May 1986 "Language Teacher"

I was sitting at a booth in a classroom somewhere in Dallas. A couple other people were sitting and sleeping in the same booth. I myself was dozing on and off. A black-haired woman (about 30 years old) was teaching some kind of language in the class. She would occasionally look at me and I would look back at her. I thought she was simply beautiful.

The class finally ended. I left the classroom and walked to the toilet. Inside in the sink I saw a pile of feces. I was going to take off my shirt and put it on a cement shelf. But I remembered I had seen that same pile of feces on the cement shelf before. Apparently, someone had knocked it off the shelf into the sink where it was now rotting. So I didn't put my shirt on the shelf.

I looked at myself in the mirror over the sink and saw that I wasn't bad-looking even though I was somewhat disheveled from sleeping.

I walked out of the toilet and back toward the classroom. I knew I had sometimes seen the lady teacher after class behind the school. I wondered what she would think if I were to ask her out. She was so beautiful I might even be interested in marrying her. I thought I could be so happy if I had someone like her.

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