Dream of: 09 May 1986 (2) "Stool"

A couple other people and I were living with my step-grandfather Clarence and my grandmother Mabel in their home, located in a type of housing complex. I had learned that a special price was being offered for phones and I wanted to have one installed. I called the phone company and a telephone man came to the house to install the phone.

After the phone had been installed I went to one of my neighbor's. A man came to the door, invited me in, and asked me if I could do something with his stool. I was unsure what he meant, but thought he was talking about a stool which he used to sit on. But apparently he was talking about some dog feces which he had scooped up and put into a sack. However he had failed to completely scoop up all the feces and looking down I realized I had stepped in some of it. He said, "You stepped in it."

I didn't have any shoes on and was only wearing socks. But I thought only a little was on me and I would be able to wipe it off. I decided to get rid of the sack of feces for him.

I asked him about his phone and he said he thought the phone company had hooked my line onto his line. Now the phone would ring for me, but every time I would use it I would also be occupying his line. Neither of us wanted it hooked up that way. I told him I was going to call the phone company immediately and tell them to redo the line.

I went back to Clarence and Mabel's house. The man from the phone company returned and while he and I began to have an argument over the way he had hooked up the phone I noticed he had also moved a large canvass upon which Mabel had been painting something and in the process had battered it around causing some large holes in it.

I angrily told the man we weren't going to pay for anything he had done. Looking at him more closely, I saw that he looked just like Leland. Suddenly he grabbed my finger and began twisting it. I looked over in the doorway and saw Clarence (only about 30 years old) standing there. Although he and I hadn't been getting along well lately I thought perhaps now we could reconcile and I cried to him, "Grandpa help me!"

I thought he would surely come to my aid, but he just stood and watched.

The man wasn't that strong and I began twisting myself around until I was able to put my arm around his neck in a choke hold. I pulled him on the ground, began choking him and said, "Let go you bastard."

Some other people gathered around us and finally he released my finger. I was quite angry and I wasn't sure what I should do with him.

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