Dream of: 09 May 1986 "Quintets"

I had apparently placed an ad in a newspaper advertising to meet women and received a letter which looked like a form letter in response to the ad. Apparently, the woman writing me had been answering several other ads in the paper also. The letter said the woman's birthday was in 1966 so I concluded she must be about 20 years old.

As I read the letter I thought, "I wonder if I should answer this ad. She's only 20 years old."

Nevertheless I thought it might be interesting to meet the woman even though she was so young.

The letter continued, "Dave and I celebrated our first anniversary when he and some of our quintets made love to me."

I thought the word "quintets" indicated "five" but I wasn't sure whether they were her children. Next to the word "quintets" was a picture of two fish with their noses close to each other. Behind the fish on the right were three larger fish which I thought represented three of the five quintets.

The last sentence of the letter said something about "... a very strong need of manhood inside of me."

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