Dream of: 22 April 1986 (2) "An Agreement with God"

After waking up on a bed in an upstairs bedroom of the Gallia County Farmhouse, I arose, pulled on a pair of blue jeans, and walked downstairs. As I passed through the living room, I noticed my old law school friend Leah sitting there. Instead of stopping to talk with Leah, I proceeded on to the kitchen, where I found my sister (16-17 years old) sitting in a chair, covered by a blanket, so I could not see what she was wearing. 

No one else was around, except my mother, whom I could see sitting outside on the back porch. Seeing that we were alone, I sat down on the arm of my sister's chair and hinted I would like to have sex with her. At first, she did not respond; but finally, moving in a way which reminded me of Bonnie, she laid her hand on my penis, and teased, "Well let me see."

As she unzipped my pants and extracted my erect penis, I noticed something white on the tip and the side of the shaft. I could not tell whether the substance was lint, dried-up sperm, or something else, but my sister paid no attention to the substance and proceeded to insert my penis into her mouth. I was somewhat repulsed. If I were going to perform oral sex on her, I would want her to be cleaner than that.

I was also somewhat preoccupied that my sister might have a venereal disease. She was herself obviously taking a risk by inserting my penis into her mouth since she could not be certain I did not have a contagious disease. My concerns, however, were overcome by the insatiable pleasure I began to feel. As I began moving my penis back and forth in my sister's mouth, I raised one knee to make sure my mother could not view us from the back porch. Finally, I urged my sister to have intercourse with me. She extracted my penis from her mouth, apparently preparing to position herself so we could copulate.

Suddenly, however, a thought hit me: I had become celibate. Since I had made an agreement with God that I would not have sex anymore, I knew I could not proceed. Even though I still had a flagrant erection, I instantly ceased what I was doing. I felt I had not actually broken my agreement with God, because I had momentarily forgotten the agreement. The important thing was that I had stopped.

As I stood back up, I suddenly remembered Leah in the next room, and I wondered whether Leah had overheard any of the sounds which my sister and I had made while my sister had been performing oral sex on me.

When I walked back into the living room, I did not see Leah anywhere. Instead of looking for her, I walked over to one of the large picture windows in the living room and looked outside. Noticing it had been raining, I stepped outside the front door onto the front porch.

Some two-by-four boards which obviously belonged to my step-grandfather Clarence were lying in disarray in the front yard. I remembered I had recently used a number of two-by-fours while working on my Cabin, and I reflected that if Clarence had wanted to help me, he could have given me some of the two-by-fours lying in the yard, but he had not. Instead, he would probably just let the boards rot.

Some large logs, some over a meter in diameter, were mixed in with the two-by-fours. Logs were also lying across the road at the foot of the hill in front of the Farmhouse, down by the bridge which crossed over Symmes Creek, the muddy creek which passed at the bottom of the hill in front of the Farmhouse and twisted on through the Farm.

After walking over to the pile of logs and boards in the front yard, I touched one board, unexpectedly causing some logs to dislodge and roll down the side of the hill into the road. Perhaps a dozen unleashed logs plowed into the road and about half of those crashed into the creek. I immediately began worrying about how much each log was worth and I tried to calculate how many two-by-fours could be made from each log.

Fearful the logs in the creek would be lost, I raced down the side of the hill to the creek bank, but when I saw that Clarence himself had now stepped out of the Farmhouse, I ran back up the hill to where he was standing beside the Farmhouse. Since he did not appear to realize I was the one responsible for the logs having rolled down the hill, I was unsure I would tell him.

As Clarence and I stood next to each other in the yard, for the first time I noticed that several trees appeared to have been blown over in the yard, as if from a severe storm which had struck during the night. One tree had actually been uprooted and thrown on top of the electric wires, while a second tree was simply leaning over on the wires. As we surveyed the damage, Clarence warned me about the electric wires. I thought the wires could probably kill me if I touched them just right.

Continuing to examine the area, I innocently mentioned to Clarence that some of his logs had rolled down into the creek. He immediately expressed concern. Together he and I walked down to the road to the spot where the logs lay scattered on the road. The logs which had rolled into the creek had already washed away. I also realized some large trees had been cut down on the other side of the creek, in a field not owned by Clarence.

As Clarence and I stood in the road, several strange men walked up and began discussing with us the recent storm and what had happened to the trees and logs. When I asked the men if they knew who owned the logs on the other side of the creek, they informed me that they themselves owned those logs. This news concerned me because now I realized it was possible the logs from the other side of the creek might become mixed in with Clarence's logs which had rolled into the creek.

Suddenly, a long green motor vehicle came roaring across the bridge which crossed Symmes Creek at the bottom of the hill in front of the Farmhouse. Once the vehicle was on our side of the bridge, just a few meters from us, it had to swerve off the road to miss the logs in the road. At first, I thought the vehicle was a Rolls Royce, but as it ran off the road, I realized it was a van.

When the van came to a stop in the field next to us, I moved close enough to peer into it and see it was filled with people. I also noticed several bags of cellulose insulation inside the van. Mystified by the van's presence, I had the uncertain feeling the people inside were my maternal uncle Liston Halley, Jr. and his family.

Now even more people began arriving. Looking out again over the creek, I noticed ice and snow covered the creek banks. Through the snow and ice, some people wearing white mountain-climbing clothing were climbing toward us, up the steep creek banks, three men and one woman. I was likewise puzzled by their presence. Apparently, they were simply traveling along the creek, and had decided to stop here. They stalked past us without speaking, and as they headed up the hill toward the Farmhouse, I followed.

By the time I reached the Farmhouse, the people had already entered, doffed their mountain-climbing clothes, and were trying to relax. I walked over to one man and belligerently grabbed him by the collar. He did not seem strong. Bullying him, I demanded to know what they were doing here. When he would not answer, I approached another member of the party, again insisting on an answer, but I still received no response. I finally ordered that if they were not going to answer my questions, they were all going to have to leave forthwith, even though it was freezing outside.

They all stood and marched out, without even first putting their mountain-climbing clothes back on. Not until they were outside did they begin donning their mountain-climbing clothes. I followed them and began walking with them down the hill from the House. Now with a more affable disposition, I pointed to Clarence and informed one mountain-climber that he could talk to Clarence, that Clarence was the owner of the Farmhouse.

One mountain-climber walked over to Clarence and began speaking. I could not hear what Clarence said, but apparently he directed all the mountain-climbers to board his car. It looked as if Clarence intended to transport them all somewhere. Before he left, however, Clarence walked over to me and asked me if he should take them. I did not know what to say. I advised him that the people had not been cooperative, that they had not explained where they were from or anything about themselves. I just did not know what they were doing here.

However, the mountain-climbers intrigued me. If Clarence were going to take them somewhere, I wanted to go along. I still wanted to know who they were, and whence they had come. Thinking there would be room for me in Clarence's car, I calculated that there were four mountain climbers and that Clarence made five. Thus, there would be space for one more person in the car.

As we all stood close to the bridge and talked, I glanced over the edge of the bridge to the bank of the creek below. Startled to see that, before my eyes, deer tracks were materializing in the sand on the bank, even though no deer was in sight, I concluded an invisible deer must be making the tracks. I vaguely recalled I had heard or read somewhere about such a creature. As I continued to stare at the tracks moving along the shore, the tracks changed into raccoon tracks, and I thought the creature had now turned into an invisible raccoon.

Excited, I hurried from the road, down to the bank of the creek, close to the animal's tracks. I thought the invisible creature had the power to show itself to me and I wanted it to materialize in front of me. Now that I was close to the tracks, I could see that they had changed again, this time into a simple unbroken line. I did not know what the creature had become, but I thought it might now be a worm. As the line moved along through the sand, I reached out my hand and laid it in front of where the line was headed.

Suddenly, a white viscous substance materialized in the palm of my hand. I held up my hand and allowed the amorphous slime to slide off into my other hand. When some goo cascaded to the ground, I tried to scrape up the gouts from the sand; I wanted to make sure I had all of it. However, the task was difficult, because the volume of the substance was increasing, continuing to grow until it was almost the size of my head. Suddenly, without warning, the substance expanded out over top of me, into a type of white, ghostly umbrella. As I stood awe-struck, the jelly-fish-like umbrella closed around my sides, oozing beneath me until I was completely enveloped. However, I still had room to move. I even had enough space to lie down on my back.

As I lay on my back inside the white shroud, I looked upward, and saw what appeared to be a dome above me. I could also distinguish a face inside the dome.

The entity began to rise, like a ship, lifting me up into the air. I realized something momentous was happening to me, and at first, I was frightened. I thought the whole event might have been designed to scare me for something bad I had done, such as masturbating or having recently had some kind of sex.

Although the face in the dome above me was frightening, I knew I did not need to concentrate on it. Instead, as I tried to imagine the face changing, it seemed to become more tranquil and pleasant.

Lying on my back, I recognized that I was in the hands of some force greater than I, and that I needed to be as serene and dispassionate as possible. As we floated from the creek bank, out over the creek, I thought, "If it drops me and I fall into this creek—it's freezing out here—I'll probably just drown. I've got all my clothes on. So, I've got to ride with this thing and be as tranquil as I possibly can."

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