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Dream of: 22 April 1986 "Living In Harmony"

I had met an attractive, dark-haired woman who reminded me of someone but I didn't know who. I immediately fell in love with her. The next day I was looking through a magazine and saw a picture of a movie actress who looked exactly like the woman and I realized it was the movie actress who the woman had reminded me of. I went to the woman again and told her about the amazing resemblance.

I also had two other extremely attractive girl friends with whom I was in love. I met one of them, a blonde (about 20 years old), the next day and began trying to explain the situation to her. I wanted to tell her I was in love with three women at the same time even though I didn't think she would be able to accept it.

I even thought I might like to live with all three women although I didn't plan on having sex with any of them. I just wanted to live in harmony with them. I put my arms around the blonde, hugged her, and felt extremely in love with her. She asked me how I would feel if a woman were in love with me and two other men at the same time and wanted to live with all three of us. I admitted to myself that I probably wouldn't be able to accept it.

I suggested that all of us meet that evening and that we invite a couple other fellows to come. I mentioned one guy who might join us and she mentioned another whose name was Jeffery. I thought Jeffery was a fellow about 20 years old who looked like Keaton (a Portsmouth acquaintance). I thought we had a feasible plan.

We started walking along the road we were on until we came to a sharp decline. She suggested that we slide down the decline, sat down and began sliding. I sat down and slid behind her. But she began going very fast and I began falling behind. That disturbed me somewhat, but I couldn't seem to catch up. Suddenly, I realized she was out of control. I heard her scream back to me something about the police trying to stop her. She continued on out of control and approached a busy intersection.

Finally, I stood and began running after her. She slid into the intersection and went under the middle of a car that was passing. The car ran over top of her without hitting her (the wheels had missed her only by a few centimeters) and she slipped unharmed out the other side. Another car slammed on its brakes narrowly missing her and a third car also stopped.

When she finally stood up I ran down to her, put my arms around her and walked away with her. It wasn't good for her to be risking her life like that and I felt it was partly my fault.

Something was going to have to change. Dealing with the three woman had made the last three days monumentally hectic.

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