Dream of: 19 April 1986 (2) "Equus"

I was walking down what appeared to be Coles Boulevard in Portsmouth and came to the intersection at Scioto Trail where I turned left and headed south. The area looked quite different from normal. Quite a bit of the land, which was red clay, had been plowed up to prepare for construction of a new gas station which was going to be very long. Space for about 10 gas tanks stretched down along Scioto Trail.

Another fellow, a woman and her daughter (about 20 years old) were walking along with me in the same general direction. Although we didn't speak to each other we walked along together in a group and bypassed a ditchdigging machine which was operating.

Finally, we came to a hotel, all four of us entered and I paid for a room. We all went up to the room, went inside and lay down on the bed. I was on the right side of the bed and the girl was next to me. The mother lay on the other side of the girl.

I pulled out my cassette player intending to tape a letter to Judith (a Dallas acquaintance). The others had never heard me speak and I pulled a pillow over my head so I could speak in private. One of them turned on the television.

I had previously taped part of the letter and had stopped when I had been talking to Judith about the movie Equus with Richard Burton. I continued telling Judith, "This movie was about a kid who had taken a sickle and poked out the eyes of some horses. And then he had been sent to a psychiatrist who was Richard Burton. And one of the techniques Burton used was having the kid talk into the cassette player when Burton wasn't around and then Burton would later listen to it cause the kid didn't want to talk directly to Burton."

I had been reminded of the movie now that I was talking to Judith via the tape player.

I began having the feeling that the girl lying next to me was listening to what I was saying as I spoke into the tape player. She was lying with her back to me but she managed to throw her right leg over me. My hand was next to her back and I felt her fingers begin to intertwine with mine. I began to feel close to her but I didn't think she wanted her mother to see us holding hands. So we held hands behind the girl's back.

It suddenly occurred to me that the four of us were in Iran and staying in a hotel there. I sarcastically explained to Judith on the tape that we were in my favorite country of the world, Iran.

I and the fellow with me were on our way to visit a prison in Iran which I thought was the same prison where I had been imprisoned near Tabriz, Iran for eight months from June 1978 until my escape in February 1979. I thought the fellow and I were going to visit someone presently imprisoned there and that the girl and her mother likewise were going to visit someone they knew in jail.

We rose, left the hotel and finally arrived at the prison. Quite a few American prisoners were here and some other Americans had also come to visit the prisoners. I saw a couple fellows who were lawyers and I spoke with one whom I recognized. He was probably in his mid 40s and had white hair. I told him I didn't have a very high opinion of lawyers in general and he said he didn't either. He said the word which most often came to his mind when he thought about lawyers was "urinary."

I told him that wasn't the word that most often came to my mind. When I thought of lawyers I thought more of the other end of the body, the rectum. "Asshole" was a more appropriate word, I thought.

I saw a couple of other fellows whom I knew. I began to be concerned that someone who had known me when I had been in prison here might recognize me. As we walked along I thought I saw one of the guards whom I had known while I had been in prison. But he had grown older and now had white hair.

I then noticed a small girl (probably 3-4 years old) had been brought in and was lying on a stairs in front of the guard. She clearly had some kind of malady and the guard was apparently reading some Moslem scripture over the child. I thought how depraved some people in the world were to bring a child to that guard, whom I remembered as a real idiot, for help.

I walked on by and he didn't notice me. I was hoping no one would see me and remember that I had actually escaped from prison. If they did they might try to put me back. I spoke to one fellow who knew I had been in prison here and asked him to please not mention my former affiliations with this prison. I didn't think he would.

I walked into a small room where we were to be checked before we were allowed to see the other prisoners. Several other white-haired Iranian soldiers were in the room. Another lawyer walked up and talked about how much it was costing him to be here. He said he had come from New York and it was going to cost him about $2,000 for the round trip. I told him I had come from Texas and it was going to cost me about $1,500.

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