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Dream of: 18 April 1986 "In The Jungle"

I was driving an old white pick-up truck through the jungle of what appeared to be a southeast Asian country. A small boy was with me and I let him drive the truck for a while. Finally, the truck quit on us. I wanted to repair the problem and I tore out a panel under the dash in the cab so I could see better. I noticed how much space there was under the dash and thought a couple people could even hide there if they wanted to.

I then proceeded to drain out some gas into a metal can that probably held about two liters. As I was working I heard what sounded like children marching through the jungle. I thought it might be some enemy soldiers and I didn't know what to do. I heard them talking and they sounded as if they were about 30 meters away; but they didn't see us.

As they marched past, I stuck some paper into the gas can to serve as a fuse. I then lit the paper and threw the can into the jungle. A loud explosion followed. I told the little boy we would have to wait for a while. If someone came we might have to fight with them. I knew a body of water was nearby which we could attempt to reach where perhaps we could find a boat to escape.

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